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The Downsides of Apple Upgrading Their iPad Every Year

by Soft2share.com

If you’ve saved up your pennies in anticipation of the latest iPad launch, buying your new piece of technological wizardry with your hard earned cash, there can be nothing worse than seeing a brand new model being launched a few weeks down the line. Hardened technophiles have only got two options when this happens: stick or twist, or in other words, fork out for an upgrade, or don’t. Of course, many gadget fans would never wish to be second to have any new piece of kit, so the stick option isn’t really ever going to be a realistic choice.


Why do they do it?

Cynics may suggest that constant updates and upgrades to the iPad (or iPod or iPhone for that matter) are nothing more than a ploy to get as much of your money as possible. Of course, that isn’t necessarily the case, as Apple’s products always benefit from a range of new additions when it comes to upgrade time. Whether it is a new and improved processor, increased pixel count on the display or camera or more hard disk space, there always seems to be a good reason for a new iPad.

On the other hand

Apart from the obvious reason of rendering a relatively new piece of kit obsolete at a stroke, there are a number of downsides to this constant barrage of change. Given that the latest upgrades to the iPad include a change to the new standard lightening connector, users will need to replace all manner of peripherals including docking stations and speakers in order to get use from them.

Die-hard fans of the iPad will possibly have one or more of the tablets at home gathering dust following new releases, which could be enough to leave a fairly significant hole in anyone’s finances.

Keeping up with the iPads

It may, of course, be necessary to get rid of an iPad or two to be able to afford to purchase the newest and most desirable tablet in the set and there are a number of ways in which this can be achieved.

When I came to sell my iPad 2 16GB, I looked at all options available before making a decision based on both the amount of money I was likely to receive as well as the convenience of the transaction. In common with selling most items, you are always likely to get a higher price selling privately, given that they will be the end user of your iPad. Placing an advert on a listings or auction website can, however, be hit and miss and waiting for a buyer to turn up or heading to a post office can be tiresome.

Selling your iPad through an online recycling site is convenient, with collection arranged via courier, meaning you don’t need to wait to see if a private buyer turns up as arranged or spend indeterminate time queuing up in the post office on your day off.

Peter Robinson writes about technology and gadgets on numerous blogs. He recently sold hisiPad 2 16GB online with a well-known recycling website.

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