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SmartIO – Content Transfer App Review

by Soft2share.com

Tried so many ways to migrate bulk data from your old phone but not satisfied with the results? Well, it could be that you’re not using the content transfer app or might not be aware of it. In both scenarios, all you have to do is fully relax as we are going to review the popular content transfer app – SmartIO Premium for you.

After reading the review of SmartIO Premium, you will be able to move your data from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone more easily than ever.

For Starters, What is SmartIO Premium?

While searching for content transfer apps on the Google Play Store or iTunes App store, you will come across plenty of apps. What do they actually do?

The content transfer apps help you transfer data from your old device to the new device completely. Amongst the top content transfer apps, SmartIO is a comprehensive and premium content transfer app that moves 17+ content types between devices wirelessly over the hotspot connection. This cross-platform application supports all major platforms such as iOS & Android to transfer data to or from smartphones and tablets.

SmartIO – Data Transfer App

What makes it more user-friendly is the QR code scanner that allows you to quickly transfer content to the new phone in a few minutes.  Without the need for wires, Bluetooth connectivity, or Wi-Fi, you can clone contacts, music, photos, videos, calendars, files, WhatsApp chats, messenger and more with SmartIO premium. In addition, you can transfer apps from android to android or from iPhone to iPhone using SmartIO. In short, SmartIO is a very useful data sharing app that efficiently manages content transfer between phones.

How to Use SmartIO Premium?

Cross Platform Content Transfer App

All – new SmartIO Premium is not only technologically advanced but easy to get started with. You just need to follow a few steps and you can shift all of your mobile data to the new Android or iPhone device conveniently.

  • To start off, launch SmartIO application on both devices.
  • Select sender on the device that contains the data. Select receiver on the other device so that it can receive the data.
  • On the receiver device, business customer can login using their username and password. Other customers can use the functionality through In-app purchase.
  • After successful login or In-App purchase, Use the sender device camera viewfinder to scan the QR code appearing on the receiver device.
  • Afterward accept the connection request on receiver device.
  • On the sender device, the supported content type will be displayed.
  • Select the type of content that you want to transfer and press start.
  • The transfer will begin. You can track the transfer progress and estimated time to complete.
  • You are given several other options, you can pause & resume the transfer, skip any content type or disconnect to stop the transfer.
  • Once the transfer is complete, simply press the close button

Now you have a better idea of how easy it is to migrate content with SmartIO Premium. SmartIO Premium is just one-click wonder with which you can enjoy having your all important content from old phone to the new.

What’s New in SmartIO Premium App

All new Content Transfer App

SmartIO Premium is packed with amazing features that together provide you a superior experience of content transfer. With intuitive UI and user-friendly interface,  SmartIO Premium has made content transfer between phones easier and faster than ever. The SmartIO is a fast Content Transfer Solution and the new update brings you so many exciting features that are as follows:

Simple & Efficient

The new SmartIO content transfer is very seamless and enables high speed transfer via local hotspot between smartphones and tablets. Additionally, there is a quick Pause & Resume functionality that allows you to control content transfer process.

Convenient & Comprehensive

SmartIO content transfer app fully supports 20+ content types that means you can transfer anything without a limit.

Safe QR Code Sharing

All-new SmartIO clone phones safely via QR code and you can shift complete data without any fear of privacy loss.  

Unlimited Data Transfer

You can transfer as much data as you want and can migrate Bulk Data in just a few seconds. Surprisingly, you can also track content progress & estimated time with new SmartIO app.

Quick File Transfer

SmartIO facilitates easy mobile cloning and lets you connect phones effortlessly to share files between Android to Android or iPhone to Android easily.

Final Thoughts

To put it simply, if you want to transfer data to new android phone, SmartIO Premium is a reliable solution. It allows you to transfer pictures, videos, files and other content seamlessly across all devices. Moreover, using smartIO is very easy, you need to follow some simple steps, and all your content clones in a hassle free way.

If you have just purchased a new smartphone or tablet, use SmartIO Premium to easily copy your old content to the new phone. Try now! SmartIO is live on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

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