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A Guide To Install The Dahua NVR Cameras

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With the rising threats of burglary and other unwanted incidences, security has been one of the primary concerns of everybody; from home dwellers to the commercial establishments. Earlier guarding the property and protecting the confidential working without pilferage was done by manual surveillance. However, with the advancements of technology and limited scope of manual supervision, security cameras are taking over the market. After the DVR cameras installed for the job, it is now the dahua NVR cameras that have made inroads and many people are buying them to enhance the security system and fortifying their place because of the many benefits they come along. If you are planning to install dahua NVR cameras it is better to learn a few details about them before hand.

Things To Know About Dahua NVR

The IP cameras are known as the network cameras, and they have turned to be the integral parts of any CCTV installation systems. The dahua NVR cameras work on specific bandwidth and provide digital videos, unlike the old systems where only analog videos where recorded and can handle multiple numbers of video inputs and record them simultaneously. However one should look into some salient features to get the perfect result for the security solutions.

  • Checking The Facts – The camera megapixels is of most importance while selecting the dahua NVR cameras. The more, the better as it provides clear pictures as well a pan a wide area to record the activities in those places.
  • HDMI Supports – The new age dahua NVR CCTV cameras can support 4k HDMI output. This increases the depth of the pictures and the videos, but one should have a television or a monitor that can support HDMI streaming.
  • The Channels – While selecting the dahua NVR CCTV systems one should look into the number of channels it can support so that maximum area coverage can be done simultaneously. One can get up to 128 channels as per need in the network of dahua NVR CCTV systems.
  • The Ports – It is always better to get these cameras with the POE or the power over internet ports. They are of the latest technology and works more efficiently.
  • The Number Of Hard Drives – One can get the dahua NVR cameras with many HDD or the hard disc drive and can get them from 1 to 16 HDD so that the storage memory can be increased according to the need. The maximum capacity of the hard disc drive space can extend up to 12 TB.
  • The Audio Ports – If you want to record or get the audio or transmit any instructions through sound from or to the area put under CCTV coverage, it is best to buy these camera systems that have audio in and audio out options. One can hear any sounds along with the video and also send necessary instructions to the security managers in need.
  • The Price – One of the significant factors is the price of these type of security systems, and they can vary according to DIY versions that are simple and easy to install or the professional versions that need experts to fit them. The DIY is a pocket-friendly DIY security solution for home and small business entities whereas the professional version should be used by the big business houses or for some precision vigilance purposes.


The dahua NVR system is one of the most high-end security systems when clubbed with manual security surveillance. They can provide a robust solution for all the security worries. One should not compromise with the security and privacy of the property and use these systems to enhance them.

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