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Appliance Testing: Types of Test and Tag Labels

by sudarsan

Do you need an effective way of testing and tagging your workspace? Appliance testing is an important aspect of ensuring the safety of your commercial workspace. You must regularly test and tag all electrical equipment to comply with all safety rules and regulations.

What Test and Tag Is?

It is a process that involves a competent and professional technician inspecting covers, guards, connections, and appliances for damage. Once a technician ensures the appliance is safe to inspect electrically, they will test the equipment’s polarity, earthing, and insulation, then put test and tag labels. Examples of items that workers handle frequently are portable appliances, like kettles and power tools. These appliances are open to hostile environmental conditions and abuse that makes them unsafe. Under many territory and state regulations, a technician must regularly test and tag these appliances to ensure they are safe.

Why It is Important to Test and Tag Appliances?

Testing and tagging help assess appliances for abnormalities and malfunctions, ensuring optimum productivity. Are you running a business? The process can help you, too, comply with all safety regulations. This will prevent potential issues with regulations. Moreover, testing and tagging help lower the risks of fines that arise when appliances malfunction.

What Industries Depend on Test and Tag?

Industries with harsh environments, such as demolition, mining, and construction, must test and tag their electrical equipment after three months. How will you know when to conduct the testing and tagging? It is simple – the colour of test tags changes every three months. In these industries, it is mandatory to test and tag appliances. However, every employer also must ensure their workers are safe. So, it is important to ensure that you test and tag electrical equipment, even if it is not one of the legislative requirements. For entrepreneurs running equipment rental businesses, they must meet specific standards. Hirers must visually inspect their equipment before leasing them and test them four times yearly.

Examples of Test and Tag Labels

With different test tags you can choose from, it would be best to choose the right one that will suit your work environment. Good examples include the following:

1. Metrotest PAT Test & Tag Labels

You may buy labels in warehouses, like Placemakers or Bunnings. Alternatively, you may go for a full package at Metrotest. They provide different labels, including laminated and customized ones.

2. Light DUTY/All-Purpose Test Tags

These labels are perfect for indoor and low-traffic environments. This makes them common economical solutions for testing & tagging.

3.  Heavy Duty Tags

They are manufactured using high-density synthetic materials that give them tear resistance. This resistance makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor environments.

4. Industrial Strength Tags

While heavy-duty tags can be used in any environment, industrial-strength tags are more suitable for harsh and high-risk environments. They can be used in marine, mining, and construction industries.

Testing and tagging is an important procedure that protects businesses and homes from potential fire risks because of appliance defects. Detecting those defects earlier is the best way to minimize those risks that can jeopardize employees’ safety and damage your properties.

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