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Healthcare iOS App Development- Top Must-Have Features

by Soft2share.com

With the proliferation of digitalization, most of us rely on technology, in almost any kind of task. This trend is capturing every industry including healthcare.

The awareness towards a healthy lifestyle is increasing day by day. People are using different healthcare apps to stay fit, as well as to consult the health practitioners. mHealth or mobile health is an evolving mode that is bringing medicine and various health services together via mobile devices.

We all are well-aware about the increasing usage of mobile devices in our day-to-day lives. Every individual spends approx. 15 hours a day on mobile platform. The vast web of social media, games, or other technological innovation is engaging the audience very well on mobile devices.

Considering the medical apps on Apple App Store, there were 45,238 healthcare apps available in the first quarter of 2019. And, if we look at worldwide stage, it is anticipated that this market will grow to over 11 billion USD by the year 2025.

Keeping this in mind, many health professionals are jumping in the pool of mHealth for iOS devices. Though the market is full of opportunities, one should not forget about the immense level of competition in the same.

It is vital for you to hire iOS app developer to design and develop an iOS app that can help you to combat the competition and brings fortune for your business. That said, there are some must-have features to include in your iOS healthcare application.

Many organizations are now relying on emergency notification systems to ensure employees can be immediately alerted to any health risks. With these apps, you can easily send thousands of phone calls, text messages (SMS), and emails per second, ensuring your critical messages are received quickly to all recipients.

Before starting with those, let’s have a quick look at different mHealth apps.

– Medical Assistant Apps

– Apps for Medication and Healthy Lifestyle

– Emergency/Urgent Care Apps

– Hospital/Practitioner’s Apps, and more.

Important Features to Include in Healthcare App

  • GPS Functionality

While dealing online, it is important for you to be easy to locate. For instance, if you are a physician and providing the patients with an online appointment booking facility, it is vital to make it easy for the patients to access your clinic.

To achieve this, you can choose GPS functionality. The patients can easily view the Google map view to reach you.

  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a leading one when we talk about a drastic transformation in the digital world. It hasn’t only transformed the retail industry but also transformed the healthcare world.

Incorporating this technology in your iOS healthcare application will allow you to provide a well-synchronized ecosystem with complete confidentiality and security for patient data.

  • UI/UX

Irrespective of industry dealing in, UI/UX of your mobile application plays a vital role that you can not resist. When it comes to healthcare app development, both doctors and patients use it frequently. So, developers need to ensure that iOS app is easy to use and manage accounts.

Similarly, doctors also record their patients’ visits and send updates to each one. Usually, the patients using the mHealth apps are quite vulnerable and UI/UX of your mobile app impacts them the most. It is important that you include fonts, text, and color that is illustrating a positive and supportive environment for the patients.

  • Cloud Solutions & Big Data Analytics

Cloud technology has great potential in healthcare application development. You can easily store patient’s health and medical records in cloud, making this data easily shared and verifiable.

In general, cloud solutions make mHealth app services more accessible. Talking about Big data & analytics, it is helpful to manage a large amount of data at both patient and hospital’s end. These technologies facilitate resource management by analyzing and predicting patient inflow, along with diagnoses with effective treatments.


The healthcare industry is vast due to spreading awareness in people for a healthy routine or other health issues. To address today’s digitally driven audience, it becomes mandatory to reach their comfort zone (mobile devices).

However, you are not alone thinking about this. Many other health professionals are sailing on the same boat. So, you should be always careful while planning and launching your mHealth initiative in the market.

Apart from the above-mentioned feature list there are several others depending on the type of application that you wish to launch. So, it is important that you take an expert’s consultation. At last, I hope that you find this article useful as per your business endeavors.

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