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The iPad – Essential or a Waste of Money?

by Soft2share.com

It cannot be denied that the iPad is a great piece of technology. It runs really well, looks very sleek and does pretty much everything that a smaller laptop can do. Whether or not you actually need one or not is another matter however. Let’s take a look at what the iPad can do and whether it’s essential for you or not


The Basics

An iPad is a tablet PC device, a bit like a big smart phone, with touch screen use and with many of the same features of a laptop. It’s fast enough to browse the internet quickly and hassle free in the newest versions and it has most of the functionality you’d expect on a PC. You can write letters and e-mails, use photo correction programs, watch films, store your photos and play music. It’s slim and quite lightweight and really doesn’t take up much room. You can take photos and shoot video with a great in built camera and it has Wi-Fi installed to connect to other devices with ease.

Why Might You Need One?

The idea is that the iPad is the middle ground between a smart phone and a laptop. It’s screen is large enough to do many things that are just plain tricky on a smaller phone screen while not being as big, heavy and awkward to use on the move as a laptop. Commuters seem to get a great deal of use from them, as they are perfect to use on your lap while travelling, but they won’t take up too much room if the train starts to fill up. They are just a little bit larger than a kindle device and can be used to read e-books perfectly well too. The iPad is also handy for taking notes. It works as a simple notepad for help in lectures or lessons. Basically, if you could do with something to use throughout the day without wanting the bother of a laptop it could be what you need. The market for re-sale of unused tablets is also good, so if you get one as an unwanted present, they are so popular that it’s pretty easy to sell your unused iPad tablet for a strong price.

Why An Alternative May be Better

If most of your average day is split between working in one location and home, you could probably do without a tablet device. If you already have a home PC or a laptop then you’ll use that while at home and if your work is based in one location then you’ll probably have a similar set up there too. Your smart phone will probably suffice for the times you are away from home or in transit. Unless you sit for an hour on the train every day, the screen size on a decent smart phone is fine. It’s also worth remembering that you don’t have to go for the iPad brand in particular. Think carefully about if you need a tablet at all. If you do, make sure to shop around.

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