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Cheap and Easy iPad Mini 2 Battery Replacement Thanks to iDemiGods

by Soft2share.com

You’ve had your iPad Mini 2 for almost five years, but now it barely holds a charge and crashes at the worst moments. Is it time for a new iPad? Or, maybe just a battery replacement? Apple offers a complete iPad replacement for a hefty service fee, but the truth is an Ipad Mini 2 Battery Replacement from iDemiGods is cheaper and just as effective. Plus, you get to keep your data!

Apple doesn’t sell replacement batteries for their iPads – in fact, they build their products in a way that makes it tricky to even get to the old battery, because they want you to buy a brand new iPad from them. It’s a clever way of making sure their customers keep buying their products, even if your iPad Mini is in otherwise fine condition. Upgrading your old model to a new one can be expensive, and it means losing all the data you have stored up on your current model. That’s more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s not much cheaper to ask Apple to replace your iPad, either. If your iPad qualifies for Apple’s replacement services, they’ll charge a service fee of $99 before shipping and taxes to exchange it. Here’s how that works: you go to the Apple store to send in your iPad, and Apple sends you a brand new one in about a week. It’s not your old iPad and they won’t transfer any of your data, which means you just paid over $100 to lose years of files!

Apple also won’t accept an iPad at all if it has any issues other than being unable to hold a charge – a great way to make sure they won’t have to replace older models like your iPad Mini 2. If you’ve had it since it first came out, chances are it’s got a few life scars that’ll disqualify it. Your only other Apple option is to buy the latest iPad at full price.

Thankfully there’s a better way!

Apple may not sell replacement batteries, but iDemiGods sure does! For a fraction of Apple’s service charge, you can order a brand new iPad Mini 2 battery replacement from the iDemiGods online store at iDemiGods.com and get a six-month warranty to boot. Plus, iDemiGods offers international shipping and free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You can’t find a better deal than that, right? Wrong! iDemiGods also offers free shipping on select items throughout their store, including your new iPad Mini battery!

As if that weren’t enough, the iPad batteries are on sale right now, meaning you can save even more when you buy from iDemiGods, and first time customers receive 5% off their order. That’s a whole lot of savings.

But if it were that cheap, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Well, as we said before, Apple tried their hardest to make it tricky to take out your old battery and install the new one. Saving over $70 dollars by not sending your iPad away to the manufacturer comes at the cost of some crafty hard work.

However, don’t be intimidated! So long as you have the tiny tools for the job – which you can also get from iDemiGods! – it’s just a matter of Googling a helpful video online and following the steps. The hardest thing about an iPad Mini 2 battery replacement is ungluing the touchscreen so you can get access to the inside. After that, all you have to do is unscrew the right pieces and swap out the batteries.

Once you’ve reconnected everything and put your touchscreen back in place, your iPad Mini 2 should run almost like new. Enjoy longer charges, faster processing, and the huge chunk of money you didn’t spend on giving your iPad away!

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