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The Many Reasons That I Decided to Sell My iPhone

by Soft2share.com

It was an easy decision to sell my iPhone when I came across mobile recycling sites online. Until that point, I couldn’t decide what to do with my old model and it was just gathering dust on my desk. Like many people, I can’t resist the latest version and then I end up with a bit of a collection of old handsets. A friend told me about mobile recycling when I mentioned that I could do with some extra cash and he suggested that I take a look online.


I liked what I saw!

I was impressed with what I saw and interested in the innovative service. Basically, mobile recycling sites give you cash in return for your old or unwanted iPhone, as well as old DVDs, CDs, technology, games and electronics. It was also really easy to sell my iPhone on one. All I had to do was type in the IMEI number of my phone and the website’s automatic valuation engine immediately told me the price I’d get for it – I was really pleased!

Remember, you can get your IMEI number by typing *#06# into your phone’s handset and it automatically appears on the screen; how easy is that!

I also realised that when I decided to sell my iPhone, I was joining a bit of a cultural phenomenon, as thousands of people are apparently selling their unwanted clutter on these sites. Not only does it give them some extra cash, but it also clears out their home at the same time!

A simple process – totally free

I was amazed that the website was totally free to use – and even free to send your goods too! It was a really simple process and there are different ways to get your stuff to the people. I used a free send service and dropped off my package at one of their locally based send shops. These are usually in a mile or so of most people’s homes and open on both evenings and weekends, every day. I found mine up the road and popped down there that evening! I noticed that I can use a free and insured courier service in future too if I’m selling a batch of stuff and I intend to do a big clear out of my tech and DVDs to get some extra cash in soon. Even better if I don’t have to leave my home to do it!

Remember to wrap up your iPhone very carefully when you do send it, to protect the handset. I didn’t have my original packaging, so I wrapped mine in bubble wrap, before placing it in a strong box. It was really easy.

Getting paid

The most important bit! There were four different ways to get paid: either by bank transfer, e-vouchers or cheque – or you can donate your money to a chosen charity. I loved how flexible that was and I was kept up to date during the process. It turned out that selling my mobile phone was a profitable move!

Jane Graves is a seasoned technology and consumer gadgets writer with a keen passion for recycling. When she decided to sell her iPhone she used a technology and gadgets recycling website.

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