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Free your smartphone space with iExplorer

by Soft2share.com

There might have been times when you plug in your iPad or windows phone to the PC or Mac respectively, and noticed that there is space on your phone, which you cannot decipher. Moreover, the files may not even be that big to take up some much space. To avoid times such as these you must either keep a tab on the type and size of apps or music etc that you add to your Smartphone or simply opt for the iExplorer.

iExplorer is an app that works on both Mac and PC. It gives you the freedom of viewing the file structure of your iPad, iPhone or iPod whenever you plug it into your personal computer using the USB slot. Developed by Macroplant the iExplorer is absolutely free! All they ask you to do is share their company website with people you know.
If you wish to use the app on Mac you would need a Mac OS X 10.5 or something later to that. The app is compatible with iTunes 9 and Windows. To install the app you simply have to download the disk image which is available on the website of the developer. Pick and drag the app onto your Windows or Mac app folder and simply double click on the same. Thereon, you will see a splash page which suggests that you share them on your social media network. Considering you are using a free app which is good, you can afford to promote them overtly.
After closing the window, you will be directed to the main browser window of the iExplorer app. In this window, your iOS device will be displayed. Don’t forget to plug your device to your Windows PC or Mac. Once you are on the browser window, you can expand the folders by selecting the small triangles that you might see on your left. This will display the size of the files present. Moreover, you can also check what is present on your smartphone. On the iExplorer app you will notice a quick preview option which will display and provide information about the photographs that you have clicked using the device present in iExplorer.
By far, iExplorer is a lucrative application considering its user-friendly appearance and cost free availability. It is as good as using an external hard drive or flash drive. Using iExplorer you can gain access to your iPhone or iPad or Windows mobile files. Once you access the files you can easily and instantly do away with the debris of uninstalled apps and every other files which proves to be junk-material for your phone. Using iExplorer you can also copy, photos, music and videos with relatively greater flexibility compared to what your iTunes software offers. In addition to adding media files to your phone, the iExplorer Windows app can also double up as a trouble-shooter for other issues present on your phone. Using iExplorer you can easily add or delete media files and software using the drag-and-drop options which is also available with the type of phone you are using..
Author bio: My name is Mason Brown and I’m marketing lead at Arcapps.com, which provides quality app development using advanced technologies. It is my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.

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