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How To Boost The Accessibility Of Your Mobile Application?

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Mobile applications are not so latest, but the essential trend in the third decade of the twenty-first century. The business organizations, initiative, and entrepreneurs who are not utilizing them cannot gain long-lasting popularity. Even now in ecommerce industry, mobile apps are influencing businesses.

Getting a mobile application is not the final goal. The companies or initiatives launching them have to ensure their accessibility as well. A significant part of the world population suffers from one or another disability. The technology is trying its best to accommodate them in order to ease their lives.Therefore, it has to be considered in mobile app development, as well.

 This article will help you explore the ways that can boost the accessibility of your mobile applications.

Top 5 Features in Mobile App Development That Boost Accessibility

Gone are the times when disable people used to live a low life due to their conditions. The technologically advanced era helps them own their disabilities. It helps them to discover the hidden talents and make use of them. Mobile applications ensure a significant convenience, and providing the same to privileged people require a little more effort.

The following are some of the most important features in mobile app development that can ensure the ease of the users.

1. Text to Speech Compatibility

The very first feature that has become an absolute essential is text to speech compatibility. This is of utmost importance for the users who are partially or completely unable to see. The feature can help them listen instead of reading from the app or their mobile screens.

This feature can ensure the empowerment of blind users by helping them accomplish a vast range of routine tasks, which will otherwise require the assistance of another person.

2. Ease in Portrait and Landscape Use

The second mobile app feature that can boost the accessibility of the users is the ease in the use of portrait or landscape mode. If a user is unable to utilize the app in the portraits mode due to nay disability, it will create disappointment.

One the other hand, all the content, images, videos, and captions of an app work perfectly fine in the landscape mode.It will not only ensure their empowerment but boost confidence as well.

3. User Friendliness for Color Blind People

The third important feature that you need to include in your mobile application is user-friendliness for color blind people. Color blindness is quite common in this advanced era. Although, it does not cause advanced hindrance, ensures to avoid the factors that can affect it.

If you are using the colors, color blind people are unable to distinguish; you can provide the support in the form of the caption. It will help their understanding if not viewing.

4. Harmless Lighting Flashes

Another important feature for the visually impaired and color blind people that your mobile application should essentially follow is harmless lighting flashes. Keep the tones and colors of your app, different features, and their background soft on color.

The main purpose of mobile applications to provide ease to the users. However, the use of too bright and flashy colors can end up hurting them. You can provide the options of brightness and day or night mode management to boost user ease.

5. Future Assistive Technology

Lastly, the feature that you must include in your mobile application is future assistive technology. The technology is making progress every passing day to accommodate and empower the disabled population across the globe.

Research the latest technologies and include them in your application. It will improve the experience of the users and allow them enhanced empowerment.

Unable to do this?

Well, this is the task of app developer experts, and you may not be able to ensure it if you are not an expert. It does not mean that you can just ignore or abandon the practice. So, consulting experts is the best solution.You can acquire the services of mobile app development company in Dubai, even if you are established out of UAE and get the perfect app that boosts the accessibility of all the users. You can ensure to share your stance and need and get the best possible results which will be loved by your users.

So, do not compromise on the experience of users and rely even on the overseas experts if it secures the popularity and efficiency of your app.

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