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How Do You Use Your Phone as a Hotspot?

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The hotspot is really the fastest and most reliable source of getting connected with the internet. With advanced technology like android and iOS, it is easy to get hotspot with the help of that technology. Whether you are traveling anywhere, you have the fastest speed to make sure you can browse the internet wherever you are staying.

Surely there are some options like turning phones into hotspot systems where unlimited wifi hotspot plans are also available. One can use the internet on unlimited without thinking of running out data.

How to use your phone as a hotspot

Now that you have an android phone and you need to setup a hotspot to make sure you can use unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot. There are a few steps that make the process so easy. Android and Apple users can easily set up a hotspot.

So you have to go to the setting menu, select the network and internet option. It is really easy to function because every Smartphone has this option. There is an option of a Wi-Fi hotspot where you will see on/off. Surely you have to click on the button. After that, you have to change the network name, type of security and password according to your needs. Additionally, it is easy to use this menu to make sure you can function on demand. This is how you can start your hotpot to get unlimited and fast internet by using your phone.

In case you are an iPhone user, you have to follow some steps that may direct you to the end process. So you first open settings app to and choose mobile data. There are personal hotspot options and set to on by tapping the slide and you will get a green light single. Then you have to select a Wi-Fi password and provide a password according to your needs. After that, you have to check out if your name in the hotspot option appears under the setting to connect using the Wi-Fi menu on the device which are available to connect.

More importantly, you have to select a Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar. Lastly, you have to go to the settings apple and select Wi-Fi, choose the Wi-Fi hotspot and enter the password to be on the go. This is how you can use your phone as a hotspot and go on the fastest interest through Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Cheapest Unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot Plans

When you are setting a hotspot with your phone, the next step is to choose the best-unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plans to make sure you are not going to run out data. Hotspot provides faster speed and you need unlimited data. So there are unlimited hotspot data plans which may be aligned to your needs.

Tello Unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot

Unlimited talk text and data plan can be available at the rate of $39 monthly. This plan of this Tello Unlimited WiFi hotspot includes 2G after 25GB of 4G LTE data is used. It is important to note that sharing data can be urgent in some cases. These plans let you share data with the help of turning your Smartphone into a hotspot with free tethering. Plans can be renewed automatically every 30 days and there is an easy option to cancel your data plans without any need.

Boost Mobile Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Boost Mobile unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot can be a good deal to go at the rate of $50. This plan includes 12GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot. Additionally, you can share your data with this hotspot plans. Boost also provides high-speed internet without cable or phone lines. There is also an option to use tiered Wi-Fi hotspot plans. There are simple and affordable plans like $25 and you can get 15GB which can be a good deal to use the internet on a light basis. Boost also has a lot of broadband plans that you may check out to choose this boost offers.

Metro By T Mobile Unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot

At the rate of $60, you are getting unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plan. You can get 15GB hotspot data with amazon prime membership and 100 GB of Google one cloud storage. However, this plan needs $25 as an upfront price. There is another good offer which you buy online and get a metro smart hotspot at the rate of $80.

Final Verdict

At last, it can be said that the phone hotspot has made internet speed so fast and it adds up a better satisfaction in using the internet. More immortally, there is a good option to connect with a number of devices. Hotspot data plans are not costly and you can get at a cheaper rate according to your needs.

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