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How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Screen on Various Smart Phones in UK?

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All you need to know about smartphone screens

Almost every person on the planet holds smart phone. To err is human hence sometimes this slim device slips out of our hands and crash lands onto the floor. The shock in dropping a smartphone might even give a heart attack.Some screens are very strong and withstand the impact whereas some screens cannot. So what are these smartphone screens made of?

Gorilla glass:

Smartphone screens are made of a combination of glass and ceramic. This material is tougher and stronger than glass. The glass-ceramic screen is so tough and highly resistant to heat, that it is used supersonic missiles.

The often used term while searching about smart screens is “gorilla glass”. It is the toughest screen and can withstand 100,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. It is composed of oxide and silicone and aluminium. However strong the smart screens are they tend to break after a sharp hit to the floor. But these damages can be repaired and the screens can be replaced. 

Repairing Smartphone screens and their costs:

Replacing Smartphone screens varies with the brand. But generally, a screen replacement costs around €39.26. However as said above it varies.

I phone screen repair:

 For example, replacing and I phone screen costs €177.14 to €265.71

The above costs are given by Applecare+ but when it comes to screen repair outside, the charges vary from €246.22 to €547.36

I pad screen repair

Apple charges €87.68 to repair a broken iPad screen. It charges this amount for two years along with €39.86 as a service fee. This price depends on the model.

Without AppleCare, the ipad screen repair will cost as much as a new iPad.

Ipad mini screen replacement

It is almost similar to the above iPad screen repair cost. However, investing in AppleCare will cost €177.14 plus €43.29 service fee and additional shipping costs.

The other fact is that this screen repair can be purchased online too. but it is not admissible . Attempting to replace it ourselves might cause trouble and worsen the situation. Hence getting it repaired from retailers is a good choice.

Samsung screen replacement

Samsung phone screen repair prices are assigned by retailers. It may vary according to the intensity of the damage as more damage needs more repair and services.

  • Samsung s7 screen replacement costs between € 176.29 and €193.97 .
  • Samsung s8 screen repair costs over €177.14.
  • However, it is quite cheaper than iphone screen repair.

Mobile phone repair stores

Mobile phone repair stores also offer repair services which are comparatively low.

These stores have good quality repair parts and highly trained teams to work on repairs. They offer the best iPad mini screen replacement and also other screen replacements at very low cost.

Even though there are a lot of repair and replacement options for mobile phone repair proper care must be taken while handling these phones. Sometimes damages caused are impossible to be repaired and hence it requires the entire change of the smartphone. The screen is the portal to the smartphone world so use it with care.

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