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Subtle Ways To Deal With Employees Getting On Your Nerves

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Just like we know that all fingers are not equal, similarly, every employee working with you is not going to be the same. Some may be the apple of your eye and others will give you a tough time to manage. Although it seems like plain sailing with the former ones, the latter category needs to be recognized and handled with utmost attention and patience. There are situations when a troublemaker will need a simple pep talk to get back on track and then at times the offenses will be beyond repair. Now, these wrongdoings require timely and appropriate actions as per the severity and intensity of damage they have caused. Be it downloading a warning letter format and issuing the same or terminating the employment altogether, you should do whatever it takes to make your firm nuisance-free.

Let us walk through a few measures that can be taken in order to deal with the employees that really get on your nerves and really need an awakening: 

Reminder For Needs And Expectations

There is that group that keeps on forgetting that they are sitting at their workplaces and indulge in endless gossip or other improper activities. You need to keep jogging employees’ memories of what kind of conduct/ behavior you expect out of them as a working professional. You can send mails or stick notes on their workstations as a constant reminder to not exceed the break limit too much and rather focus on work.

Strict Rules, Regulations And Policies

If the number of rabble-rousers keeps increasing, it means there is something lacking with your own SOPs and system. You should analyze the company policies, revamp the rules and regulations, if necessary and ensure strict compliance of the same by the workforce. Otherwise, get a warning letter format ready and release it as the last chance to continue working with the organization. 

One-on-One Meetings/ Discussions

Some problems can be resolved simply with an interaction. If the matter gets serious, you can take it to a room and have a formal meeting/ discussion with the culprit. It is better to give the employee a chance to personally explain the deed and understand his side rather than humiliating him in front of his colleagues. 

The First And The Final Warning 

Now, this is the time when your first warning is your last warning to the concerned employee. Some people get on your nerves to an extent that you realize the first time you can’t tolerate them for long. For such cases, you can download a standard warning letter template from HROne and send it across to the guilty as the first and last notice.

The No-Tolerance Eviction

In case employees cross their limit and commit a hideous crime, it’s time to say good-bye! Punishable offenses like anti-social possessions, physical abuse among others are never forgiven by any employer. So, if you have hired such a malefactor you can immediately fire them without even giving them a warning. You might as well not issue the relieving letter format to them as a price paid and so that they can’t infiltrate another organization.

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