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How Online Reviews Influence Consumers?

by Soft2share.com

Competing in today’s market for a rise in your sales and product publicity requires the mastery of many different strategies and web tools to be used. The key idea behind any strategy or web tool in getting more sales and having a better reach for their product is by studying customer purchasing behavior and then influencing it.

Leaving the complex and algorithmic factors aside and starting off with the most basic and achievable strategy, getting customer reviews for your products is going to help you a lot in getting the right audience for your products. Putting it in numbers, an overwhelming percentage of over 80% of buyers have been noted to be influenced by the customer online reviews of a product or website before making any purchasing decisions.

How Much A Customer Review Influences The Purchasing Attitude

Online reviews about your products strongly affect the purchasing behavior of any potential buyers. It is considered to be the modern alternative for word of mouth; customers feel secure and very much dependable on the review of previous buyers to have themselves saved from scams or sub-standard products.

Statistics show that over  30% of customers are going to judge your product by the customer’s reviews if it is a grocery product, over 60% if it is a dinning place, and over 70% to trust reviews if it is a gadget or any electronic appliance. The one thing these statistics show and prove is that the dependability of first-time buyers upon the previous customer’s reviews is quite very high.

How Customer Reviews Influence Potential Buyers?

As already mentioned, a customer review influences a buyer’s decision quite a lot. But what could be the factors that compel a buyer to do so? Is it negative comments? The positive comments? Or the general rating and perception among the previous reviews?

Here are some of the most common types of attitude influencing factors of a customer review:

Brand Loyalty

The very first thing your customer reviews section portrays is the loyalty of customers to your product or brand. If a potential buyer sees a list of satisfied customers who commend the product on and brand on continuous quality, he’s probably going to make a decision about buying it.

Negative comments and reviews sure do impact the decision of a buyer as well, but only if it is a pressing concern and related to the buyer’s expectations.

Reliability On Previous Customers

Customer reviews do not get compared to the method of word of mouth for nothing; it is only because a customer is more likely to trust the words and feedback of a previous customer.

A review, whether a positive one or a negative one, has a lot to say about the product from the perspective of a customer. A brand or store page is always going to advertise a product according to their own benefit to make most sales, but a customer is always going to be providing honest feedback.

Responding Behavior

Your responsiveness to the reviews of your customers also has a major role to play in the convincing of potential buyers. Other than putting incentives for review providers, you can always add a personalized note of appreciation to the review of your positive feedback providers; this will give a more warm and friendly vibe to your customers.

Dealing with your negative reviews is, however, the most important and tricky part to do. You can never just ignore or not include them as it would clearly show you out a scam or tricking the audience. Responding to their queries and ensuring that the problem has been solved is going to earn you a number of loyal customers.

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