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3 Tips for Creating a Good CV

by Soft2share.com

Most recruiters receive hundreds of CVs for a single job offer. With such an avalanche of applications, they only take a few minutes to read yours. So, you might as well put all the chances on your side by making a good CV. Since it is the first element that catches the eye of recruiters, it is well worth spending a little time of yours. Here are the 4 essential tips for creating effective curriculum vitae.

Give a Catchy Heading to the CV

It is impossible to ignore the title of a resume. Like the CV summary or the catchphrase, it allows the recruiter to know what your professional plan is as well as your level of responsibility. It also allows them to see at a glance if your profile is in line with their needs. Forget the completely worn out flattering qualifiers like “Serious and attentive commercial director”. If you are responding to an advertisement, it is advisable to take the title appearing on the latter and complete it with one or two qualities that could distinguish you from your competitors. For example: Trilingual Commercial Director speaking French, English and Italian.

Personalize the CV

A personalized CV is more likely to catch the recruiter’s attention. First of all, go online and choose the right specialized website to create a CV. Select an elegant and unique CV template and fill it with your own information. In other words, the heading, the title of each function held must be inserted to correspond as much as possible to the expectations of the headhunter. They must have the feeling that your resume is really intended for them. Decrypt the job offer and find the keywords scattered in it and reuse them in your CV. To do this, be sure to read the advertisement carefully and note the important words in every section.

Banish Lies on the CV

In all circumstances, you must follow the golden rule of recruitment: do not lie on your CV! Do you think that your career path and experience correspond in all points to the job description? It might be tempting to carry out a small inflator to stick a little more to the profile sought. But what risk are you really running by lying on your CV? The presence of misleading information may, depending on its importance and the resulting damage to the employer, justify a dismissal for simple or gross misconduct.

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