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Safety at work is everyone’s business, read these 6 important tips to stay safe

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If there is one important factor for any company, the most valuable asset, the most cherished aspect that helps you achieve the results you want, it’s your employees. They are the life force that keeps your company running, your people are there to help you succeed. So you have to treat them as such. This is where safety comes in.

Keeping your people safe, keeping them protected at the workplace, whether you’re working in a field with lots of heavy machinery, or if you’re just in an office, is vital. The article below will show you exactly what you need to do to keep them ok.

Get a good strategy going

Make lists. Yes, as simple as it sounds, you need to make lists. Too many people think about implementing new, better safety procedures into their workplace, without actually having a proper plan for it. This leaves you with poorly thought out plans, poorly implemented activities, and in general people who don’t know what they should be doing.

So, make a list of all the things you will need. Delegate some research work onto an employee, see if he or she can ask around, and see what people need. Have your lawyer brush up on the latest workplace safety laws… Then, gradually implement new procedures. Just don’t do it all at once – people will have trouble adapting.

Stress is dangerous

Always be mindful of stress. The effects of stress in the workplace are well documented, they will hinder your productivity, and can be especially dangerous when your people are handling dangerous chemicals or working heavy duty machinery. If your people are getting overworked, if you had a difficult period where you gave your all on a very difficult and complex project, allow people to blow off some steam. Actually encourage it.

So, once the dust has settled, or if you see that people are about to burst, organize a company retreat. Maybe provide people with a solid financial bonus. Or simply contact HR and see what they have to say, what the atmosphere at the workplace is like.

Get to know your employees. See if anyone of them is acting strangely if they are nervous, short-tempered, or fidgety. Look for signs of burnout, and act accordingly.

Invest in the proper equipment

Perhaps the most important part of safety – the right equipment. This matters whether you are working in an office, a factory floor, or a chemical plant.

First of all, let’s start with the office. Your people will be spending 8 hours of every workday sitting. This has its own issues, its own problems. Back pain runs rampant, something that can lead to headaches, permanent poor posture, and a generally dour mood. This goes for the carpal tunnel as well. We suggest you invest in good, comfortable seating and desks. A thing as simple as a comfortable chair or an ergonomic workstation can make a world of difference.

Now, you also have to invest in the right gear when it comes to some more dangerous jobs. Work hard towards keeping your equipment up to date. An old, decrepit machine is just asking for trouble. It can catch fire, get stuck, or even fall apart if it’s old enough. Furthermore, newer gear, no matter your industry, most often has high-quality protective equipment and elements in place.

You also want to supply your people with the right protective clothing. Gloves, goggles, hazmat suits, boots, whatever they need, they should get. Proper decontaminant showers are often quite necessary, as are emergency medical stations. Things like good safety storage cabinets, proper barrels, labels, tools that allow them to manipulate hazardous materials, these all have to be new, and they need to be regularly maintained.

Don’t forget about breaks

You can push your people only so much before they break. And more eager and motivated people might push through fatigue, wanting to get as much work done as possible, without thinking about how this will impact their productivity. Pushed too hard, people will get sick, tired, they will begin making mistakes.

Implement mandatory breaks and relaxation. Keep an eye on people getting overworked. If they have done a shift or two too many at once, get them a day off. Direct them to the rec room, encourage walks and fresh air.

Provide appropriate training

Invest in a seminar or two, and have people learn about keeping the workplace, and themselves, safe. They will learn how to properly handle hazardous materials, how to use their tools and machines properly, as well as learning what to do in case of an emergency. In fact, an individual knowledgeable about first aid can actually save a fellow employee who is in trouble.

It’s also very useful for building motivation. It shows that you care, that you actually think about your employees, and that you are willing to invest in their self-improvement, and their skills.

Keep the workplace safe

You also need to keep the actual physical environment in which people work safely. On one simple level, just keep it clean. Bacteria and viruses add up when too many people spend too much time in one place. You want to keep things regularly cleaned and maintained. Keep your cabinets stocked with proper hygienic supplies and items.

However, things like slips and falls are also common sources of injuries in the workplace. Having strict rules when it comes to spills and falls, with safety rails and walkways is vital. Make everything properly, get the right labels. The last thing you want is somebody mixing things up and getting the wrong chemical or tool.


Keeping your people safe means you will show them that you care. Teaching them to stick to the above tips, actually nurturing a mentality of safety and security at the workplace, all of these things are vital for your success. So, get them the gear they need, outfit the office properly, invest in a seminar or two, and you will be good to go.

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