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Why Your Office Chair Gas Cylinder Needs to Be Replaced

by Soft2share.com

You have weeks at work that may go by quickly and others that can drag on. Those 40 hours — or more — that you spend in an office setting can get tiresome when things just aren’t moving along as quickly as you would like. It can make the thought of sitting in your office chair at your desk even more of a nightmare.

Having an office job can feel this way constantly if you are using a chair that isn’t comfortable or set to your standards or fitting for your posture. The best way to get through the workweek is to do it in comfort and to use a chair that fits you. Over time, chairs can start to need repair and you may start thinking about replacing the chair altogether.

One of the common elements that need to be replaced over time is the office chair gas cylinder. The gas cylinder helps to keep the chair’s height adjusted properly so you can sit in a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the floor and your arms resting flat on the desk or arm pads. The gas cylinder does have to hold your weight, and over the course of some extensive use like regular 40-hour workweeks, the chair cylinder will start to wear down and may no longer adjust.

Office chair cylinder replacements are a great way to get your chair back into good working order and back to the proper height for you. The office chair gas cylinder is one of the most commonly replaced parts with the chair and can even be done yourself with just a few simple steps. To replace the gas cylinder, you need to separate it from the chair base and make a purchase for a new gas lift cylinder. Find a place like Office Replacement Parts that has many brands to replace an office chair gas cylinder and extend the life of your desk chairs.

With a few simple steps, you can install a new cylinder, adjust the height of your chair and go back to work in comfort with a chair that is sturdy, safe and most importantly, maintains your posture for good health practices. You probably don’t realize the damage that can be done to your back, shoulders, and neck when you sit in an office chair that isn’t adjusted properly for you.

So when your gas cylinder needs to be replaced, turn to Office Replacement Parts for everything you need to get your chair back the way you want it to feel so you can work and still be comfortable. There are many other parts of an office chair that can need replacing over time, including the arm pads, seat, base and wheels, and you can find them all when you choose Office Replacement Parts and get the most affordable replacement parts for all styles of chairs and brands that can be shipped to you fast so you can get your desk chairs fixed and keep your office employees happy and comfortable as they work.

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