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8 Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

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Packaging of a product was done to provide containment and safety to the product in the most effective way. With the passage of time, the purpose of packing encompassed marketing and advertising because of the latest and innovative customization techniques that give the shapes and sizes of the packing boxes according to the customer’s demand. Cardboard is a widely used material for customized packages because it is highly customizable and sustainable. Custom designs help in depicting the clearer image of the brand in the market. It is the most affordable packing material than any other material that is available in the market.


Marketing is an act of promoting and reinforcing the product, services, and brand in the market or the potential audience to increase sales.

As every product needs proper boxes, it is important for the products to reach the target audience so that all the efforts, time, and money that has been spent on product and its packing boxes come to a useful end.

Marketing Tools

marketing tools

Companies are marketing their products from the start of the time using different mediums like boards, paintings their products on the walls, and TV commercials, etc. There are a lot of marketing tools that have been used by the companies, but the difference is that with the passage of time, trends have been changed. In marketing tools, word “tools” refer to the techniques, strategies, and the materials that have been used in the process of spreading the word for the product or the service.

Types of Marketing Tools

Companies have a lot of marketing tools at their disposal that serves different purposes, like some tools, are directed towards boosting sales, whereas others focus on gathering consumer data. It depends on the brands to understand their needs and go accordingly in choosing the best marketing tool for their products.

Let us see what the most effective and efficient marketing tools that are mostly used are.

1. Classified Advertisement

Classified Advertisement

This can be referred to as classified ads that you see on the web page that lead the viewer to a specific website or webpage. These ads are useful for generating more leads that are potential customers.

2. Social Media

Social Media

We live in a world that is digitalized, and social media has taken over the new generation. Social media provides an interactive platform to create relationships with the customers, and it has been proved to be efficient in the marketing of the products.

3. Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

It is the type of marketing that only occurs online. Search engine optimization and online advertising are some of the examples of internet marketing. It is done by creating a secure and simple domain name that is relevant to your site, industry, product type, or services to match for.

4. Commercials


Commercials are the advertisement that is done on the television or radio. It has been the most used tool for the marketing of the products and still has its place that is never going to fade away. These audio or video advertisements are played or repeated during the programs that are run on the TV.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing or direct mail marketing targets potential customers through emails. From mailshots to email shots, the advancement and use of the internet is advent. It has been considered the most effective marketing tool in digital marketing.

6. Printed Material

Printed Material

Pamphlets, flyers, countertops, tabletops, newspaper ads, and other leaflets come in the printed material that is used for the marketing of the products. They contain the information regarding the product or the service or the company in an attractive way that grabs the attention of the customers easily. Printed marketing material is a cheap way to advertise the product.

7. PR & Promotion

PR & Promotion

Personal relations are the best way to promote or market the brand. It is an act of deliberately managing the spread of information related to the product and the brand between an individual, organization, and the public.

8. Custom Packaging

Promotional Custom Boxes

Now comes the most effective and economical way to market your product among the target audience; custom packaging.

Products are placed inside the boxes for a reason, and that has been protection and containment for a long time, but with the innovation in the packing industry it has been done for the promotion of the product and why not when we have all the means to.

Customization has changed the whole game. The conventional boxes have no place because customization allows companies to get the shapes, sizes, and designs according to their need.

The product boxes are the only thing that a customer sees regarding the product, and the box gives space to the companies where they can perfectly represent the image of the brand that grabs the attention of the customers.

There are a lot of ways in which custom boxes promote the product while sitting on the aisle.

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