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Best Gifts for the History Buff in Your Life

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As the holiday shopping season approaches, you may have already started thinking about what to get for your loved ones. There are certain people you probably know fairly well – your parents, siblings, and significant other, to name a few. Once you find out what they like, holiday gift shopping each year can be a breeze!

However, there may be a few people who aren’t so easy to shop for. Coworkers, distant relatives, or a new partner can throw you curveballs around the holiday season, especially if you aren’t entirely sure what they’re into. History buffs can be especially difficult to shop for, and you may find yourself standing in the middle of the mall, scratching your head in confusion.

To make this holiday season a little easier, here are some of the best gift ideas the history buff in your life will be sure to love!

Coffee Table Books

It’s safe to say that most history fanatics are avid readers and can usually be found with a good book in hand. This holiday season, treat your loved one to a coffee table book on a time in history you think they would be interested in. The book doesn’t have to necessarily be about American history – there are tons of other subjects that would make a great read for your favorite smarty pants. Books on topics like the history of politics, religion, and even the entertainment industry all make gifts, and the coffee table style will make for a cool conversation starter when you have visitors. Even books showcasing military uniforms from World War 2 like WW2 German Helmets or the history of US military boots can make great coffee table books.


Let your history buff indulge in their inner child with a fun LEGO set! LEGOs can be used to build famous historic buildings and monuments, like the White House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Eiffel Tower. LEGO sells “Creator Sets” that allow you to recreate these famous structures, along with many more, right from the comfort of your own home! These sets can also be fun to build with the help of a partner, making them a great gift for a significant other. You’ll have fun spending time together, and seeing the final result of what you built will be rewarding!

World War II Memorabilia

Whether you’re shopping for a beloved grandfather who served in the war or a friend who is simply intrigued by the subject, World War II memorabilia make great gifts for history buffs. Things like a vintage Swiss army knife, an authentic military map, or old WW2 German helmets from At the Front are sure to wow your loved one, and they’ll be able to display them in their home. If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase display cases or other protective gear to help them preserve their memorabilia for years to come.

Nerdy/Gag Gifts

If the history buff in your life has a wicked sense of humor, a funny gag gift or nerdy find may win you some brownie points! Things like humorous t-shirts, mugs, and even jewelry can all be kitschy gifts that your loved one will get a kick out of. Other items like socks, bumper stickers, and refrigerator magnets make great gifts as well, and your favorite history buff will have a good laugh after opening their nerdy present. A funny gag gift is a great way to show how well you know the gift recipient while also bringing some humor to the occasion.

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