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You Need To Learn These Smartphone Etiquettes

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In this world of technology, everything is getting simpler yet complex day by day. Texting is a regular thing now and it has its perks. But at the same time, we are losing the value of real conversation. People don’t tend to talk face to face and it is also promoting anxiety among young people. They prefer talking to a stranger and being all involved in a virtual conversation.

There isn’t any doubt that smartphones are making lives easier and you can instantly access anything. Be it long-distance friends, family or relatives but it is distancing you from the real world. People have started to rely more on virtual reality than the real one and it is disturbing for the upcoming generations. Depending on it is affecting the behaviors in a bad way. Instead of talking and sorting things out, people avoid each other and become disrespectful.

Instead of mindlessly using the smartphones, here are a few smartphone etiquettes that everyone must learn right away if you aren’t doing so yet.

Put your phone aside while talking

The basic and first rule of phone etiquette is to keep your phone aside when you are hanging out with people or in a meeting. It gives a very bad impression on the person sitting next to you when you keep checking your phone in the middle of the conversation. You should only use it in case of an emergency and prohibit yourself from replying to that text or scrolling through your social media accounts. One must pay attention to the person sitting in front of you when there is a conversation going on. These small details matter a lot.

Turn silent mode on for notifications

Like unnecessary use of the phone, notifications popping up consistently is also considered unethical. While having a conversation, it is really important that you put the notifications on silent mode, so that there are no distractions. Understandably, some calls are important and you might not want to miss them, so you should keep the phone on vibration. By doing this, you won’t miss an important call and the distraction will also be minimized.

Must avoid ‘talk and drive’

Etiquettes are general but this is a strict warning and a must-follow practice. Talking on the phone while driving is very dangerous and many people have lost their lives because of it in the past. Cities like Austin, Texas, have now banned the usage of phones while driving to minimize accidents up to every extent.It is a very dangerous thing and one should avoid it at any cost. If the call is really important, one should park the car on a side and then attend it.

Not everything is to be photographed

Camera usage is very common these days. It is a great feature and a great way to save memories.but as long as the other person is comfortable. As it is said, excess of everything is bad, so that applies here too. People sometimes forget to make memories in the race of getting pictures. If you are alone, that is alright but when you are traveling with someone, you have to take care of these small details otherwise it can offend the other person, or might be uncomfortable for him. You have to ask for the consent of your friend/ travel partner before clicking his/her picture.

Do not shout:

Once in a lifetime, we have all experienced it; some people tend to shout on calls. This practice annoys everyone around. One has to maintain the etiquette if you are out or even at home. You should not speak so loud that everyone around can listen to what you are talking about. Being a responsible citizen, you must be mindful of other people as well. It is one of the basic manners to keep your tone low in a public place.

An appropriate response to urgent texts

Conversation skills are really important and one should be mindful about them. When you have scheduled a meeting with someone, distant or close, you have to keep it in mind that you’re not there for your whole life. So you better ignore your phone for some time. And if it is really important, then you should excuse in a good manner, tell the other person you are busy and that you will call back yourself. By doing this, you’ll be able to manage both ends.


This social media and smartphones are taking away the essence of true lives from you.  Being busy with the virtual world means that you are barely living in the real world. You need to get out of your smartphone and then and get in touch with the real world so that you can feel real and be more connected with reality itself.

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