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7 Tips to deliver amazing Live Chat Services

by Soft2share.com

In the digital time, live chat services are a central part to get competitive advantages. Live chat is a service tool that companies provide in a way to interact with the users to solve their queries via chat.  Companies provide live chat services to improve customer satisfaction, expand market reach, increase sales and other benefits. Not only has this but, 70% of the people out there preferred live chat over phone calls services to get their queries solved. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the company to meet the expectations of the customers. You have to help them instantly to make them feel satisfied. Following are some tips which can improve you live chat services.

  • Respond quickly.

The foremost trademark of amazing chat services is a quick reply. Let’s say, you need a glass of water and getting water after few hours is fruitless. The same idea applies to chat services you must reply as soon as you receive a query. The more time you take, the more clients you lose. Statistics prove that 92% of customer satisfaction comes with the chat response within 1 minute and 36 seconds. To ensure that those reaching out to you are not disappointed, respond within 1 minute and 36 seconds. To respond quickly you can make use of the canned messages. It helps in enhancing the speed of responding to the customers.

  • Address customers with specific questions.

Live chat service providers use canned messages for the instant response. But sometimes canned messages do not suit the situation and might also waste customer’s time.

For example:

            Customer: I need to find out the prices of some products?

                    Live Chat: Hey there,

                                      Great to hear from you today!

These sorts of replies that do not address to customer’s specific question but waste their time. These replies can lower the service grades. Rather your messages should be genuine, suits the situation, suit the company’s image and must be specific to the questions.So, it should not look like you are beating around the bush and in order to that, try that you response quickly and concisely.

  • Set an operator schedule.

Suppose you provide live chat on Monday from 8am to 7pm and Tuesday from 9am to 5pm and does not provide services on Saturday. Then, your availability might confuse the customers. So, to avoid this confusion be sure that you get a solid schedule for yourself and post it on your website. So that customer drops message within your time schedules.

  • Communicate positively.

Language plays is a very crucial role in live chatting. Live chat is not about ‘what you say’ but its more about ‘how you say’. One of the important tips to deliver amazing live chat support is to stay positive and soft while dealing with the most frustrated customers. Try to deal with all their problems with a positive language while hinting them unavailability but giving hope of solution at the same time.

For Example: Rather answering a question with “I don’t know”, respond it in a positive language like this “I don’t know the answer, but I’ll gladly check and will get back to you.” This can make things far better.

  • Follow professionalism.

Empathy- the ability to understand- is central feature of a professional live chat service provider. The tone of the chat should be formal but empathetic. Do not use a personal tone while chatting with the customer. You should use proper demeanor tone while handling the rudest and obscene client. It is your professionalism that leads you towards growth.

  • Customize the chat window.

If your company provides live chat service. Then, the chat window should be visible on the website. When a customer finds a query and wants to get in touch with you, customer need not hunt a way to communicate. It must be easily accessible to the customer.

  • End a chat with thanking note.

Always end a chat with a thanking note. It shows your polite services and the customer might come back to you. People prefer malls over small shops because they received an expression of gratitude and sent with the same. It puts a great psychological effect on the customer.

Live chat is a wonderful tool to delight your customers. Why it has become a crucial thing for every online business because live chat is the only way to provide real customer satisfaction. Above blog provides you wonderful tips to improve you live chat services.

I hope this post has solved all your queries on how to deliver best live chat support services but still if any doubt pop-ups in your mind feel free to contact chat support Services Company by visiting website https://www.fecoms.com

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