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Why do you buy from Indotrux?

by Soft2share.com

Large, fast-changing stock

At indotrux more than 600 delivery Indotrux trucks are in stock. Every week between 50 and 100 vehicles arrive. Our offer includes all European and Asian brands, construction years and price ranges. 

Known quality
Used truck for sale 50 % Off. Every vehicle receives a technical inspection under the supervision of Trucks.¬†The complete information from the test report is included as standard with every delivery van.¬†We call this ‘known quality’.¬†

Guarantee on young trucks
Relatively new Indotrux trucks are supplied with a guarantee, possibly after an additional payment. 

Well priced
Our prices are not only based on the characteristics of the trucks, such as brand, type and year of construction. We test each vehicle extensively and include the results in the price determination. 

Decent businessmanship
Indotrux has been building the relationship with its customers for over ninety years. The success of this is demonstrated by the large number of returning customers. We take all complaints seriously. If there are large, unreported defects we will reimburse (part of) the repair costs. 

We speak many languages
At Indotrux, the sales people speak the language of the customer. Our website is also written in thirteen languages. 

We understand the customer
Thanks to years of experience, the buyers at Indotrux know what you are looking for as a customer and purchase them in a targeted manner. 

Guidance for import and transport
We have a specialized department that arranges the paperwork for you. Thanks to our worldwide presence and years of experience, we can provide you with perfect guidance when importing, registering and shipping vehicles to virtually any country in the world. 

(Export) license plate quickly arranged
A license plate and ascription are so arranged with us. This also applies to export badges. If necessary, your purchase will be inspected for export in our workshop. 

Professional technical services
We carry out General Periodic Inspections (APK) in our workshop. You can also go here for work on air conditioning and cooling motors. With our expertise and heavy lifting equipment we can load multiple trucks for you on a truck or trailer. 

The certainty of ‘known quality’
At Indotrux we will never claim that we only sell the best vans.¬†Our strength lies in versatility.¬†You can contact us for very young vans, but also for older vehicles.¬†For you, however, it is very important that you know what you are buying.¬†Relatively new delivery vans we provide with warranty, possibly after an additional payment.¬†We offer ‘known quality’ on our total stock.¬†This means that every delivery van will receive a technical check upon arrival under the supervision of truck.¬†The complete information from the test report is included as standard with every vehicle.¬†This way you can compare vans better than ever and choose a specimen that exactly fits your needs.

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