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Make your way this summer for a Wild Atlantic trip

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Ireland self-driven trips offer you a lot of privacy and flexibility that pre-set tours and travels do not offer. With a holiday package you get your trip restricted to certain days and places that you would visit. These places need not include the places that suits your travel taste. With adventure road trips from India, professional tours like Embarq, provides you a travel itinerary that could be modified as per your needs. They provide a comfortable rental car, giving you a luxurious drive. Ireland self-drive tours also help you to line up your itinerary and provide you affordable lodging options which helps you explore the country in isolation with your personal transport.

With the world’s best premium road trips, customers get to choose a self-drive Ireland tour with a unique theme feature. Based on the preferences one can choose a theme that interests them. Romantic getaway, Adventure Madness or Game of Thrones, to mention a few.  If you like the latter one, you get to seek places like Winter fell, the Haunted Forest, The Kings Road and many more spectacular destinations. Few of these places even include Ireland locations where this famous HBO series was shot. For the former travel option, couples can sneak out to more dramatic places that includes secular towns and villages located at the west coast. With an enchanting view at the Cliffs of Moher and Roass Castle, one is sure to fall in love again. To make the trip a memorable one, upgrade your romantic escape getaway to Lake Hotel with an awe-inspiring view of the Killarney National Park as you sip along your favorite drink. If you are someone who loves to learn about culture, you cannot miss Gendalough and Waterford.

Viking city of Waterford gives you a hint of Ancient East on the way. Country Wick-low is another popular pick from our favorites. This historic monastic settlement of the 6th century makes the stop worth the time. Be it Adventure road trips form India or romantic getaway, your arrival and departure city remains Dublin. This capital city will fascinate you with its history blended well with modern architecture

Ireland Self Drive Road Trip

Ireland tourism’s first ever introduction to the long distance driving route is a must visit on every Ireland tourist. Wild Atlantic Way is a route that stretches up to 2500km bringing in over 156 discovery points. This route attracts tourism to the west coast that had been undiscovered till now. Being the most beautiful region it is being donned as the most captivating route in the World. Covering the rural areas including the rigged coastlines takes you to the beaten tracks drawing to the rural small villages that one could have heard from their ancestors.

Wild Atlantic Way is a route giving you an unforgettable experience. Helps understand the culture of the West coast giving access to a range of scenic beauty and tourist attractions. As you move along this route, you get to witness the Connemara, Kerry and the most famous Galway Bay. The waves meeting over the Atlantic Ocean is a blissful sight as you drive along the open roads.

With well-developed roads and signed correctly, one can never miss any turn. Though Ireland is a small island with over 275km wide, it could take a week or two if you wish to explore every bend of west and the south coast. You could choose the pack based on your time and convenience. Starting from Dublin, your tour guide will make sure you cover Galway and Cork. Galway is the highly portable walkable city making your trip incomplete with this city tour. Adventure or history, Galway has entertainment for all.

The streets at Gal-way come to live a night with over performers entertaining the crowd all over the city. Quay Street is known for its vibrant pub scene and numerous dining options. Along with cobblestone streets, Claddagh and Spanish Arch are also highly walkable streets of the town. Ed Sheeran fans would admire the Spanish Arch as they move across the waterfront area which became highly popular in his music album, Galway Girl.

For international self-drive road trips you should plan with professional tours as they make sure they modify it according to your needs.  Once your trip ends at Galway, you could choose to return to Dublin or get down at Shannon airport based on your travel plans. For self-drive road trips as timing is never a restriction, one could go in for open ticket and fly back using any convenient airport of Ireland.

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