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Why a Linear Gas Fireplace is Good for Your Home

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The temperatures are starting to dip, the days are getting shorter and Summer is well in the past. It’s time to start considering how you will approach the cold weather with heating options for your home.

One such way is with a fireplace, not only as a source of heat, but as a nice addition to the aesthetic of your home, adding a special touch that makes it the centerpiece of any room. Many people are no longer going for the traditional fireplace and are using electric and gas linear fireplaces. A Modern linear gas fireplace gives you all the benefits of a traditional gas fireplace but in a sleek way with a contemporary design that is very different from a typical wood burning fireplace.

With that in mind, you may see a modern linear gas fireplace and its elaborate design and think, Is this right for my home? Today, we’ll look at some reasons why a linear gas fireplace is a great choice for your home and the benefits it can provide.

It’s Convenient – Preparing a wood fireplace takes time. You not only need to have the wood to burn, but it takes a few minutes to get everything set up so you can light the fire and start burning the wood. With a gas fireplace, you can start heating your home at a moment’s notice. Just turn it on and it goes right to work and turn it off as soon as you are done using it. It’s that easy!

Realistic Appearance – Modern linear gas fireplaces not only have a great design, but they look real, too. Gas fireplaces will often use logs to provide the traditional fireplace feel. The logs and flame look so authentic, no one will think it’s running on gas. It simply gives off the cozy look and feel that you desire in a fireplace.

A Quick Heat Source – Remember how we talked about how the set up of a wood burning fireplace can take time? It also takes a few minutes for the wood to ignite and really build into a fire that you can really enjoy, and even then, it will only last for a little while. With a linear gas fireplace, you can get the fire going from the second you turn it on and let is last all day if you choose. This is especially great if you have guests over and don’t want to spend time working the fire to get it going and keep it going or having to replace logs in the dirty fireplace.

Saving Space with Design – Linear gas fireplaces not only have a great design, but they can be installed directly into a wall. The flat surfaces of these fireplaces mean that there are no extensions from the wall or any bulky construction needed for it to fit properly.

Easy to Maintain – A traditional fireplace that burns wood requires a lot of management and maintenance. In addition to needing to change logs and clean the grate after every use, eventually the fireplace will need extensive cleaning. With a gas fireplace, maintenance is fairly minimal. Just one annual maintenance check and overall cleaning is all you need.

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