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Invest in New Outdoor Linear Fireplaces from Embers Living

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Everyone loves the ambiance of a fire; nearly any time of year, whether in winter or in summer, the romance of a fire holds a special allure. In the heat of the summer, the fire is a gathering place where friends gather and good vibes reign. In the dead night of winter, a crackling bed of embers is a reassurance against the gloom outside and brings strength back to a weary heart. With so many different options for your den or backyard, from pits to stoves, all in gas, electric, and wood, there is something for every setup. Whether you need the function and traditional grace of a wood burning stove, or the poise and attractive lines of a gas pit for the outdoor bar, there are endless options to incorporate the beauty of fire into your gatherings. For the sleek appeal of the newest trends and ultra-modern style, look for Outdoor Linear Fireplaces. Joining the functions of warmth and light with sleek lines adapted to slim spaces designed to accommodate hosts of people, a linear fireplace just might be the perfect compliment to your outdoor bar and grill space. When you’re ready to see what’s available for your use, Embers Living is your go-to for all of your heating solutions.

Primo Oval G 420 Gas Grill Head

New World Appeal, Old World Function
The great news about outdoor linear fireplaces is that most models are gas or electric, which offers many benefits to the use and maintenance of the units when compared with wood pits. The slim lines of linear fireplaces enable them to fit along tight spaces or to be set into walls, whereby they offer great light output and warmth along their greater surface area. Also, being gas or electric, they can be controlled very precisely in terms of flame height which means they can be lit or shut off at the drop of a hat, eliminating the time-consuming maintenance of a wood fire. Many also have the added safety feature of an automatic gas shut off if the flame dies. Their ease of use makes them perfect in warmer climates where light and ambiance are necessary but not the added heat. Many units have customizable flame and coal bed colors as well, allowing you to tailor your offering to the event at hand. In addition, no wood means that there is no additional time-consuming cleaning. You simply set the flame high for lit times or low for a sedated mood. At Embers Living, you will find outdoor linear fireplaces in multiple configurations from leading brands like Athena, Napoleon, and Outdoor Greatroom.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
When you partner with Embers Living for your firelight and heating solutions, you will not only have access to the best quality stock on the market, but you will be in the care of the finest purveyor of fireplace provisions out there. The team at Embers Living is entirely committed to the customer experience, dedicating their service to customer satisfaction and retention. What this means for you is that the parts and pieces you buy have been individually selected for their quality, durability, and compatibility. If you have a question about components or even a suggestion for a solution, reach out to the team at Embers Living and be confident you will receive expert advice. Now’s the time to explore the options you have at your fingertips – and for the best service and commitment in the industry, head to Embers Living at BlazingEmbers.com. You’ll be well on your way to setting up a new fireplace in no time!

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