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Ways to Encourage Your Couch Kid to Exercise

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All parents should teach their children the importance of the regular physical activity. Every child should be active for at least 60 minutes a day and spend more time outside. Most children love to play in their backyard or meet new friends on the playground. However, we should not forget about the children who prefer to spend time inside and play with their toys or watch cartoons or YouTube videos.

There’s nothing wrong with these hobbies, and you should allow your child to watch cartoons and teach them how to access various digital platforms. Your child can learn a lot about the world and develop social skills while watching the adventures of their favourite characters.

As a parent, you need to encourage them to create balance and spend more time outside or be physically active. Physical activity will improve your child’s mental health, but it will also maintain and build healthy joints, muscles and bones.

Make time for exercise

We expect too much from our children. It’s vital to encourage your child to try something new, learn a new language or how to play an instrument. However, children are often overwhelmed, and they don’t have time for regular physical activity. They are overscheduled with homework, language or music lessons and other activities that invite them to sit for five or more hours a day. It’s vital to maintain a healthy balance and encourage them to spend more time outside. They should find new fitness hobbies that will allow them to burn off excess energy and increase stamina.

Choose an appropriate activity and talk to your child

A five yeard old child is not ready for a 30-minute neighbourhood run, but they can run in your garden while playing with their toys or siblings. Choose an appropriate activity for their age. If your child is older, you might want to talk to them about joining a sports team or engaging in other types of physical activities. But, if your child is still a toddler with excess energy, take them outside and give them their favourite toys. After an hour or two, they will be ready for fun, indoor activities.

Provide a safe environment

You shouldn’t be overprotective of your children because they need space to learn about the world and develop their fine motor skills. However, it’s advisable to provide a safe environment for a child. You won’t have to watch their every move or worry about what would happen if you leave them alone in your backyard for five minutes. The equipment they play with should be safe, but you should also talk about it and highlight the importance of safety precautions.

Motivate them to play more

New toys will motivate your children to spend more time outside and burn off excess energy. Instead of buying more toys for indoor activities, treat your children with new basketballs, chalks or sandcastle building kits. They will spend more time in your backyard and develop new connections in their brain that will improve concentration and elevate their thinking skills.

Find a balance

Physical activity can help your child maintain healthy body weight and improve coordination and muscle control. However, it’s advisable not to force your children to engage in regular exercise when they feel unwell or tired. Remember that forcing your child to spend time outside can lead to more issues in the future. Balance is crucial, and you can maintain it if you prepare your child for a daycare centre.

Various kindergarten activities will invite your child to play with others and develop language, emotional and social skills. Qualified teachers will help them burn off energy and stay active while you’re spending time on other activities such as work or self-care.

Set limits

Every parent should teach their children about limits and boundaries. They need to learn that sitting in front of a TV screen is bad for their health and that you need to limit some activities because you want them to be healthy. Set limits if you notice that your child is willing to spend more than 2 hours playing video games or watching cartoons.

That way, they will have more time for other activities, but it’s vital to remember that it’s often necessary to limit physical activities as well. Your child should not spend the whole day outside if you want them to stay focused on other developmental activities.


Raising children is difficult, and we all make mistakes. Inform yourself and choose to do what’s best for your child, even if that urges you to change your schedules or have less time for yourself. Don’t forget that diet is crucial for their health. They should eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and you teach them to make healthier diet choices.

There’s nothing wrong with treating your child with chocolate, chips and other snacks. But, they need to learn the difference between regular meals and sweets. There are various ways to deal with picky eaters, and you should talk to a child’s psychologist if you don’t know how to invite your child to eat a variety of goods and engage in regular physical activity.

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