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5 Tweaks that Will Change Your Life

by Soft2share.com

Changing things about your life does not have to be a huge shock. Going step by step and making little tweaks that are more than possible to implement will slowly add up and they will improve how you feel about your lifestyle drastically. Be it productivity that you’re struggling with or perhaps you just want to generally improve your health and wellbeing, these little tweaks can mean a lot. So, here are a few that you should definitely implement.

1. Make healthy food an option

Not eating healthy enough is a concern for the vast majority. Sometimes, even if our pantry is stocked with all the ingredients we might need, we still skip breakfast or decide to stop over at a bakery on our way to work instead. So, try to make healthy food a viable option! For instance, in the aforementioned scenario, a pre-made breakfast waiting for you in the fridge would be a great option. You can prepare overnight oats or make yourself a healthy sandwich with lots of vegetables the evening before, and you’ll have no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day.

2. Make yourself a bedtime and use a real alarm clock

Staying up late, not getting enough sleep and feeling groggy in the morning is easier than ever thanks to easy internet access and our smartphones. So, to make sure you get enough sleep, calculate when you need to go to bed and stick to it. What can also help eliminate distractions is getting a real alarm clock and ditching using your smartphone for these purposes. That way, you can leave your phone somewhere where it’s not within hand’s reach, with that cutting out harmful blue light, annoying overnight notifications and browsing social media into the night. This will ensure your sleep will be undisturbed. In addition, the evil snooze button will be out of the equation as well.

3. Say goodbye to a bad habit

We all have bad habits – they are something usually born out of stress or boredom which are things we all deal with at some point. However, those bad habits that are outright harmful to your health and the health of your friends and family are something that you should work on changing. One of these habits might be smoking, and while quitting might feel like a little more than just a “tweak,” there are actually ways in which you can leave this bad habit behind. For instance, you can consider using more innovative solutions such as e-cigarettes. If you want to get more information about flavored e-liquids and their benefits, try consulting companies like E-Liquid Australia. E-cigarettes will regulate your nicotine levels while you’re in the process of quitting.

4. Make to-do lists

You might not have used to-do lists since your school days but they can still be extremely helpful not only in staying organized but also in lowering stress and anxiety. Trying to keep everything in mind and worrying you might forget something won’t let you sleep peacefully. And since we are usually the most productive in the morning, having your tasks sorted out and ready to be tackled as soon as you get to work will boost your productivity immensely, giving you a head start and a great foundation for a good day.

5. Work out in the morning

Finally, something that will take you as little as 10-20 minutes every day but will bring a significant change into your days is rescheduling your workouts to the morning hours. Incorporating a bit of physical activity in your morning routine will ensure that you’re awake, you’re energetic, you’re in a good mood and you’re ready for whatever challenges you will be facing throughout the day. The good hormones produced thanks to exercise will last for hours, too. What’s a better way to start a day?


Lifestyle changes don’t have to be big in order to have an effect. Start incorporating these 5 tweaks into your everyday routine and the rest will come naturally. The most important part is willing to start.

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