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Useful Free Online Websites for Students

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Student life has become a difficult phase of one’s life in recent times. There is a whole lot of information you need to learn, and there is little time available at your disposal. However, if you fail to learn more information, you will end up getting it difficult to survive and get accolades enough. That’s exactly where the internet comes to the fore and helps you achieve the tasks.

Let us check out a few websites that help you get the best out of your student life and learn a few useful information.

Top 10 useful free online websites for students

We will list out the top 10 websites that help you achieve the best skills and learn the best of the requirements of your student life.


Of course, your teachers may not support you using this website. But still, it remains one of the excellent options for researching the content for your assignments and essays. The content may not be one of the most reliable, but still can be good enough for early analysis into the project.


Maybe you are tired and need to read something. Audible can help you read your book and aid you in learning without actually reading. You can even learn while you are waiting for something or taking a walk.

Unit Converter

There are several units, and you need to learn how to convert them between multiple units. Unit Converter is one of the excellent tools that help you in your query. Apart from the regular converters available elsewhere, it also lists conversion options for magnetism converter, radiology converter, and many engineering-based converters.


How about making a little money by selling off your old textbooks and use this amount for something useful? Half is an excellent option for the purpose. You will indeed love the experience.


You may have come across an excellent video on YouTube that pertains to your academics. But you would want to convert it to mp3. You will find Mp3 Converter is one of the best options for the purpose. It also supports Vimeo, Dailymotion, and a  few other sites as well.


This is yet another great tool you can put to some great use. It helps you in one of the best manners for taking notes or creating flashcards. With StudyBlue, you should be able to take notes almost anywhere and anytime.

Grammar Checker

It is an excellent free grammar checker tool. The Grammar Checker supports over 28 languages. It helps you correct spelling errors, sentence correction, and contextual errors. It can be your best bet for proofreading essays and project reports.

Stack Exchange

This site offers you a question and answers series for the communities. The site has Q and A options on varied subjects including maths, chemistry, programming and a lot of other topics. All your questions should find an answer here.


The site informs the right time to go to sleep if you need to get up at a particular hour. It makes use the REM cycles to predict the exact time so that you would not face early morning sickness.

Google Calendar

An old friend by every standard, it should help you create your calendar events. It has one of the best smartphones and works with almost all browsers. A great tool for noting down the important events that you should never forget – exams included!


Social media obsession has been one of the huge issues for students and makes them susceptible to unnecessary obsession. If you want to stay away from social media, and would help you stay away from a few certain websites.

Those were the top 10 websites that should prove helpful in making the best use of technology to enhance your student life. They would indeed be many excellent options.

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