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Cheap Book Publishing: Quality Without Compromise

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Are you a writer or novelist looking to publish your work without compromising the quality? Well, it’s best to avail a book publishing service to make your publishing and career journey worthwhile.

Book publishers take away your hassle and make this work easy for you. The book publishing market in 2020 made around 92.68 billion U.S. dollars.

In this blog, you will learn about the 8 steps required for book publishing, how it works, and the advantages of recruiting a cheap book publishing company for your business success. 

8 Steps for Book Publishing 

The following are the 8 steps required for book publishing:


Idea is something which is the foundation of a book. So once you have a breathtaking idea about the book, start writing it!


A book getting signed by a book publishing company is known as the acquisition process. 


Design is the process by which you can make your book look aesthetically pleasing. The book publishers with their designers team can make that happen for you. 


The production of a book involves the transformation of a raw manuscript into a physical, tangible form, digital book, and even as an audiobook. 


Once you have your physical and printed book, or digital book in your hand and people get to know about it, it’s time for you to start the marketing to make it reach a wider audience. Because if that book isn’t being seen much, how are you going to earn from it? Well, to grow your business the marketing team of a book publishing company comes in. 

The Tale Writers marketing team will run ads campaigns, banners, facebook ads, social media marketing and much more to make your book visible to lots of people.


Publicity and marketing comes hand in hand. It’s purpose is also for your book to get to the potential readers. It means that you can collaborate with a book blogger, do a book signing event, or speak at a festival to get more publicity. The publicists will try to sell your book through media coverage.


Sales is the actual crucial purpose of all the steps of book publishing. A book publishing company has a team of salespersons who have a job to sell your book to retailers who will then sell it to your customers. Sales can also be done on online platforms like Amazon and Kindle. More than 12.25 million books were published on Kindle in 2022. 


This process is related to logistics. In this process, your book which is now published, known by people, ordered by bookshops, has to move from printer to warehouse and then finally to the bookshops. 

Advantages of Recruiting Book Publishing Company

The following are the advantages of recruiting a book publishing company:

Fast Process

If you hire a book publishing company, your book publishing will be fast. Due to their team of experts they work together to make your publishing decision and writing career good. 

Cost effective

Hiring a book publishing company is quite cost effective and time saving compared to when you try to do it all by yourself. 

Top-notch Quality

The quality of work that a good book publishing company like Tale Writers offer is top-notch. They work hard and together with their expert team to make sure the quality of the book published is top notch and according to your standards. 

Professional Designers

If you are a beginner in book publishing and this is your first book, you must make sure that your book looks aesthetically appealing in terms and design and also internal layout. That’s where a cheap book publishing company, Tale Writers, comes. They have a team of designers that provide you with the best design for your book to attract a wide range of audience.

They also make sure that the internal layout of the text also looks good and clear so that readers don’t find it hard to read. 

Full Package of Services at Hand

Book publishers not only provide services related to publishing, they also provide editing, proofreading, design, layout and many more services. Therefore, we can say that they provide a full package of services at hand for you to benefit from if you hire them.

By utilizing their editing and proofreading service, you can be confident that your writing will be flawless. They will correct all the inconsistencies, typos, and errors in writing and leave your work polished and ready for publication. Their experience will surely be worthwhile for you to benefit from. 

Good Knowledge of the Market

Book publishers not only have adequate experience in publishing books, they also have a good knowledge about what’s going on in the market and what are the recent trends related to this field that are ongoing. So if you hire them, you also get these perks which will help you reach more people. 

They can provide you with some tips or suggestions which you can utilize to get success in your book publishing career. They understand the complex and competitive market of it and works according to it

Increased Visibility and Reach

If you hire a cheap book publishing company like Tale Writers, you get the perk of increased visibility and reach. Since they have a vast network of retailers and book stores, they can get your book into the hands of many people. 

Publishers can also help you reach a wider audience by arranging book tours and book signing events. They can also use social platforms to get reviews from influencers, bloggers, and readers. This will ultimately help you be more visible and get success in your book writing career. 


If you are a rookie in your book writing career, it’s best for you to hire a book publishing company to get the most of it. Their guidance and services will give you a better chance to get success. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your book published by professionals right away and ahead in your career! 

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