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SocialGood ICO – Cryptocurrency for the Better Society

by Soft2share.com

Society is all about living together – as a community. What if you want to do something for the betterment of the society? SocialGood  is exactly what it plans to achieve. And interestingly enough, it does it through the cryptocurrency. How does it achieve it? We will find out how.

SocialGood – Striving to Make the world Good to Live

The Social Good is a project that wants to improve the society. Promoted by  Ayumitrust Group,    the project works beyond the boundaries of the national, racial, religious and cultural barriers. It is a project that works towards achieving the status of social contribution token ecosystem. It is referred to as the Social Good Ecosystem™.

The major positive side of SocialGood is to make people connect with each other through their actions. It believes that if you go on doing what you like the most, the results will make the world a better place to live. In fact, a part of the profits or cashback for the transactions will be donated to a social cause through AI. The donations would be automatic and planned to go viral improving your social evaluation. ,

The team headed by Soichiro Takaoka is indeed an expert in dealing with the concept of cryptocurrency and its development. He is an expert in global finance arena and works towards promoting social contribution ecosystem. The team has a number of experts and specialists. For instance, three among them are ex-executives of the popular Japanese corporations and two are prominent university professors. The CEO is a 13 year veteran of managing Finance and IT companies, making all of them lead in global finance.

How Does it Work?

Well, the focus has been on joining the Social Good Ecosystemâ„¢.. The project lays emphasis on strengthening the community. The way it does it is by taking part in the ecosystem ahead. It considers that the expansion of the network would help you the individuals concerned and thereby aid the society as a whole.

It is equivalent to the likes of Amazon and Uber. You stand to earn cashback every time you make a purchase through the ecosystem. You earn a percentage of the purchase value as your cashback. The system expects itself to fetch a good price and keep growing further. That is precisely why the system wants to grow up its community. Increasing the number of participants is quite important for the network to prosper ahead.

The product is designed in such a manner that if you hold it for longer periods, you tend to benefit further ahead. You will keep receiving the better rewards as long as you continue with the Social Good Ecosystemâ„¢. The system is built on Blockchain technology and that would make it an extremely competitive project in its own right.

The Benefits

Well, the SocialGood is a service that binds the society together – irrespective of the barriers of nation, religion and culture. It works as a binding force across the globe and binds together people through the means of trust, empathy and goodwill.

The platform is designed as a means of collaboration between the individuals, firms and society and offers everyone a win-win situation. It can help you build the society and move it in a positive direction, all the while developing you as an individual.

The Concluding Thoughts

The platform has been built with a good intention. It does look forward to improving the society around you while rewarding you as an investor in the initiative. If you are a cryptocurrency investor, we would indeed suggest you opt for it. You will indeed benefit in the form of regular cash-backs while bringing up a positive change in the society.

The ICO of SocialGood is officially registered with the SEC in the U.S.A. and it is for accredited investors in the U.S.A. The foundation complies with and meeting current regulations. So, you can be confident that it is not a scam. We would indeed support the idea of SocialGood because it aims at making the society better. It would be interesting to note here that SocialGood Project is a spin-out project of a FinTech company established in 2005.

The concept is working with a goal of enhancing the reach of the concept ahead to make it a success by surpassing the total value of the Bitcoin market by the year 2020. We would definitely foresee it as a concept with substance and worthy of investment.

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