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SEO For Cryptocurrency: Tips & Tricks For The Blockchain Industry

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A large percentage of crypto research begins with a search engine query by a prospective investor or buyer for a cryptocurrency, NFT, token, or any other web 3 project.

A large percentage of crypto research begins with a search engine query by a prospective investor or buyer for a cryptocurrency, NFT, token, or any other web 3 project.

Thus, ranking high on search engines can generate organic traffic, drive-in sales, attract new clients and referrals to your crypto websites and expand operations. Crypto SEO (search engine optimization) can help your website rank organically on search engines.

In this crypto SEO, we’ll discuss how to develop and implement an effective crypto SEO strategy to increase your website’s conversion rate, boost your search engine presence, and communicate with your audience. Let’s start!

What is Blockchain SEO?

SEO is abbreviated for search engine optimization. SEO for cryptocurrency can help crypto brands attain quality SEO traffic, and drive client growth, sales, and referrals to their cryptocurrency websites. Since the web is over-saturated, crypto companies should ensure their official website gains the search engines’ trust and is finely tuned to their target audience.

Successful execution of cryptocurrency SEO strategies can:

  • Increase organic traffic and search engine rankings for your crypto website.
  • Build your crypto brand’s online reputation and authority.
  • Build a compounding growth system for your crypto business.
  • Get your crypto website to the top of search results, as over 54% of searchers click on the first three results.

SEO for cryptocurrency strategies

Crypto SEO uses a lot of concepts within the traditional SEO methods, amalgamated with quality content creation – to attract crypto buyers and users. The competition to rank for relevant keywords is intense, and only through rigorous implementation of crypto SEO strategies will you see results over time. Here are the top digital marketing SEO strategies for the cryptocurrency niche:

On page SEO

On-page SEO accounts for 30% of Google’s search ranking factors. This crypto SEO strategy boosts every detail on your crypto website, from page load speed to website audit, internal linking and meta tag optimization. On-page SEO involves determining the right target keywords (using keyword research tools) that will optimize your cryptocurrency-related website to its full potential. This is an effective SEO strategy to start with initially

Crypto keyword research

The foundation for any successful SEO for cryptocurrency strategy is to understand the relevant keywords your target audience uses when searching on the web for your product or services. Understand the type of words used by your target audience uses to search for your business for effective keyword research.

When carrying out keyword research, you will want to find relevant keywords for the crypto and blockchain market. Find high-volume, low-competition keywords for your target audience and infuse them into your campaigns.

When conducting keyword research, the following points should be considered:

  1. Focus Keywords: Focus Keywords are phrases of crypto niche you want your web pages to rank in search engine result pages when users search for similar phrases. Some examples of focus keywords for the blockchain industry are “Ethereum”, “Bitcoin” or “blockchain”.
  2. Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are more specific phrases for the crypto niche. Long-tail keywords get less search traffic but have higher conversion values if your web pages rank high on Google SERP.

Link building

Link building is valuable in the cryptocurrency niche that is filled with dubious get-rich-quick schemes. Link building helps to build credibility and authority which are essential factors for search engine rankings.

Getting other websites to link back to your website is known as link building. Link building is one of the more traditional SEO methods in digital marketing strategy.

You should know that not all links are equal as a link from a high authority site has a greater impact than a link from some low authority website.

Internal Links and External Links

Links create “corridors” between web pages to get to know your website better.

Adding internal links are more important as crawlers use them to find their way around your website easily and to make sure they have indexed every page on your site.

Adding external links to a couple of highly relevant websites will suggest to Google what your website is about and that you have used legitimate sources in your research.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization plays a huge role in search engine rankings. Readers of today have grown knowledgeable to identify click-bait articles and sketchy cryptocurrency SEO strategies. An effective SEO strategy includes a content strategy that focuses on crafting in-depth, original, and quality content.

Page Loading Speed

Remove all unnecessary files and elements from your website code to increase its organic traffic. Remove third-party scripts from your crypto website structure and compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Keeping the code clean is important if you want your cryptocurrency website’s organic traffic to rise.


If your website is not optimized for mobile, your users won’t have much patience with it and your organic traffic will decrease. This sends very bad signals to Google hence your bounce rate will also skyrocket.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are another very important signal for search engines as it helps users to understand what your page is about. As a tiny piece of content appearing just below the page title in the search results, it should be short, succinct, engaging, and should tell what your page is about.

SEO for cryptocurrency: Mistakes to avoid

  1. Absence of a website structure
  2. Keyword stuffing
  3. Incorrect keyword research
  4. Not focusing on quality content due to over-focus on crypto SEO
  5. Not using CMS platforms
  6. Ignoring Blogging
  7. Using Medium as a blogging platform
  8. Creating One-Page Websites
  9. Not Using Keywords In Page Titles and headers


Implementing a crypto SEO plan for your cryptocurrency business will go a long way in establishing you as an authority in the crypto and blockchain market and increasing your sales. Keyword research, quality content publishing, and optimization amidst the implementation of another digital marketing strategy will help to improve your website ranking in SERP. Monthly SEO audit reports will help you to analyze what’s working and what’s not working.

By concentrating on an excellent SEO for cryptocurrency strategy, your website can contend with competitors in the crypto niche and will certainly be established as an authority in the same niche.

Crypto SEO can be difficult to master and implement on your own. However, an established crypto marketing agency & digital marketing agency in Mumbai like Altorise can help you achieve the results you want without you having to take a lot of effort.

Contact us today to discuss your requirement!

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