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Organic Cotton Pillow Cases Have A Direct Link To Your Health And Beauty

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Medical experts are of the view that switching to organic cotton bedding is ones of the best ways in which you can create a healthier bedroom. In fact research done on sleep disorders indicates that by using Organic Cotton Pillow Cases you can actually increase your lifespan and improve your looks.

Here are some snippets that give insights on the benefits of using organic cotton pillow cases:

Your Face Looks Healthier

That is because your face remains in contact with your pillow case for as long as you sleep. Your sleep is sounder with Organic Cotton Pillow Cases and so when you wake up, you appear looking more refreshed, healthy and glowing. Pillow cases made with other fabric tend to make you toss and turn in bed.

Your Skin Remains Hydrated

Organic cotton helps maintain the moisture level of your skin and keeps it hydrated. Sleeping on organic cotton bedding is a great experience as it is absorbent and facilitates movement of air and moisture. You need not put extra moisturizers on your face and body.

Reduces The Exposure Of Your Skin To Chemicals

Organic cotton pillow cases are made from GOTS certified cotton. Hence, their use is advisable as it reduces your exposure to chemicals and harmful toxins that are generally found in other fabrics produced from crops requiring pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments.

Organic Cotton Is A Fabric That Is Hypoallergenic

Organic cotton is ideal for use in pillow cases. The reason is that it is pesticide free, pigment free, bleach free, and above all hypoallergenic. Also, since its manufacture does not involve use of chemicals, it can safely be used to make pillow cases that are unlikely to cause a reaction in people with chemical sensitivities.

Organic Cotton Pillow Cases Improve Your Skin And Hair

Organic cotton pillow cases improve your skin and hair. If you have wrinkles, you will experience that their appearance will reduce and gradually they will go away with the use of organic cotton bedding. The natural properties of organic cotton help reduce friction on your hair which is often the cause of hair damage such as split ends.

Indulge In Yourself With Organic Cotton Bedding

Organic cotton makes you feel as if you are special. It motivates you to indulge in yourself and is akin to taking a luxury hot water shower or bath, an organic massage at a Spa or a relaxing day at the beach. The sheer touch of organic cotton pillow cases against your skin at night works like a massage every night. All these activities release positive hormones in our bodies that cause a “feel good” factor and lead to an overall improvement in our health, effects of which are visible in our looks and appearance.

Organic Cotton Bedding Is Easy To Handle

Organic cotton bedding is easy to handle and can be machine washed. It is recommended to wash it at high temperatures and then tumble dry it. This improves the shelf life and longevity of the fabric.


All in all, the best time to switch to organic cotton bedding is now. If you find it expensive, you can at least start using organic cotton pillow cases. They will go a long way in improving your lifestyle and making you healthier.

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