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What to do to work as a Personal Security Officer?

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The issue of personal security officerhas always been interesting, since children some dream of protecting important people and grow up with this concern. Here we will explain the difference between bodyguards and Personal security officer.

How to become a personal security officer?

Something very important is not to confuse a personal security officer with a bodyguard, which the latter is not a professional or officially authorized, and is hired by a private individual only to accompany him, not being able to carry weapons or perform functions of a personal security.

To be a public or private security guard, certain requirements must be met:

  • Be of age
  • Have the nationality of some of the Member States of India or of a State party to the Agreement on the Indian Economic Area
  • Have the Graduate Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education, Technician or other equivalent for professional or higher purposes
  • Possess the necessary Psychophysical Aptitude to have and use weapons and to provide private security services, except for active personnel who perform public or private security functions
  • Not having a criminal record for malicious crimes
  • Not have been convicted
  • Not have been sanctioned
  • Not having been separated from service in the Armed Forces or in the Indian Security Forces and Bodies or the country of their nationality
  • Possess the diploma or certification accrediting having passed the courses corresponding to Private Security in an authorized training center
  • Have a minimum height of 1.70 meters men and 1.65 women.

These and other more detailed requirements must be met by all PSO applicants.

The main function of a PSO is to accompany, defend and protect certain people, thus preventing them from receiving aggression or criminal acts. That is to say, it defends the life and physical integrity of the people object of its protection. However, the escort cannot make identification, detentions, traffic restrictions, etc. In case it is essential to carry out any of the above actions, you must notify the Security Forces and Bodies immediately.

Personal Security

The PSO is trained to minimize dangerous situations or with a certain risk, through close combat, white or firearms.


Professional training to be Personal security officer

The training focuses on a Personal security officer and a subsequent training. The course trains future PSO in the legal and technical area. In addition, it forms in a practical way in self-defense, as well as in protection techniques and shooting practices.

The only requirement to take the PSO is to have the Qualification as a Security Guard or be in the process of obtaining it. Thus, the requirements to be a Security Guard are the following:

  • Be of age.
  • Have the Graduate in ESO, equivalent or higher
  • Have a Spanish nationality, from a European Union country or Community Card
  • Lack a criminal record

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