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Everything You Need To Know About Travel Exemption Australia 2021

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It has been more than a year that the pandemic has taken over and upended traveling for everyone. All those who wish to enter Australia are finding it difficult to do that as right now insured of a constitutional right, traveling is more of being considered as a health hazard. Speaking of the current situation, the travel ban has been reimposed for a further month until 17th June 2021. To be honest, how long this can be extended is still uncertain. Hence the only way to enter or leave Australia is by successfully applying for travel exemption Australia.

Travel to Australia exemption is valid for every Australian citizen or permanent resident if they want to be exempted from the travel restrictions of Covid-19. Even if you are a temporary visa holder or willing to enter Australia on a temporary basis, an exemption is a must. Only if you are permitted to exempt, you can enter Australia otherwise there is no possibility of doing the same.

But if there are a few people who have been living in New Zealand for more than 14 days so they can enter Australia without having to undertake any mandatory quarantine. The only condition with them is that they should not have been living at any designated hotspot and they should be traveling on a quarantine-free fight. With this being said, here are the criteria that allow one to be exempt and apply for travel exemption in Australia. You are eligible for the travel exempt if your travel is due to –

    • Humanitarian grounds
    • National interest
    • Unavoidable personal reasons
    • To receive urgent medical treatment that is not available within Australia
    • Essential for the conduct of critical industries and business
  • Response to the COVID-19 outbreak

For the travel exemption in Australia, you need to satisfy any one of the above-mentioned criteria for submitting the exemption from the government’s travel restrictions. Apart from these, there is another list of evidence that is needed to support the exemptions. So if you are considering leaving or enter Australia then here is all the relevant documentation and evidence that you need to support your travel exemption to enter Australia. Evidence may include but is not limited to –

    • Marriage/birth/death certificates
    • Proof of relationships
    • Proof that you are permanently relocating to another country
    • Proof of employment offers
    • Your current visa status in Australia
    • Receipts from medical professionals regarding any serious conditions
    • Letters from employers showing the necessity to travel for work
    • Statements substantiating your wish to return to Australia; and
  • Any paperwork that benefits your submission as per the nature of your request.

This is all that you will need for travel exemption in Australia.

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