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All about the best resort and there specialty in Rishikesh

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If you want to experience the amazing view of the natural environment which totally free from the cities pollution in the air, water, noise, etc. The resort is surrounded by the mountains, there is a beautiful garden all around it with beautiful flowers and the most important organic vegetable plants, a big swimming pool and a beautiful and big garden space suitable for yoga making it fully acceptable for camping in Rishikesh. There are many Resorts in Rishikesh in which you find all your acceptable luxurious Facilities.

If you thinking to go Rishikesh for camping and searching for luxury resorts or  3 Star Resort in Rishikesh. Then there are many options for you like a resort, Mahayana Resort, Shiva Yog Sthal and many more.

Services provide by Rishikesh resorts

In Rishikesh luxury resort they make sure to provide you the best hospitality service the same as an international standard. With the view of Himalayan hills, Rishikesh valley, the most beautiful scene is River Ganga flowing in the background, most of the reso permissive experience with a stunning and breathtaking view which you don’t forget in your life. This resort provides you 24-hour service, spa treatment, yoga learning service and especially these resorts in Rishikesh with a swimming pool.

Rishikesh is always the best traveling destination for each and every type of. And the best thing about Rishikesh is high-class resorts with full satisfaction of customers and provide service as an international standard.

If you traveling first time for Rishikesh you have to know about this travel guide as follow:-

  • There are almost 30 places in Rishikesh you must have to visit to make your trip memorable for a lifetime.
  • You must have to hire a detailed travel guide if you go for rafting in Rishikesh.
  • Try once to stay in camps in Rishikesh surely you will miss them.

Some of the best resorts in Rishikesh

  • Aloha On The Ganges

This resort is one of the perfect resort in Rishikesh which provides luxury, comfort, and spirituality. It is located on the bank of the holy river Ganga. This resort is away from the city rush and a perfect resort for all classes of tourists. These resorts offer luxury and comfort, and also all types of rooms like Deluxe Room, Premium Apartment, Beach Tents, etc. This resort also provides Ayurvedic and spa therapies for there tourists which helps them in relaxing their minds. This resort also provides Yoga Session, Temple Visits, Waterfall Picnic Lunch & Nature Walk, Campfire.

  •  River Retreat

For the wildlife lovers, Aranyam River Retreat is the best resort which is located near to the Rishikesh with the amazing beauty of nature’s wilderness. This resort offers you to Enjoy around 450ft of waterfront, safari tents, and comfortable rooms for there tourists. They also machaan or treehouse that allows you to expand your gazing limit and watch the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings. During your stay in Aranyam River Retreat, you can also enjoy wildlife safari and search deeply into the Rajaji National Park and spot the natural habitats. These resorts also offer Bird Watching, River Rafting, Yoga & Meditation, Golf, Pool.

Glasshouse on The Ganges

There are very few heavens located its roots in the different history of Rishikesh. Glasshouse on the Ganges is one of the heavens which is the most popular and most visited resort. It is located at the turning point of the river Ganga, this is the turning point from which river Ganga takes a turn and flow towards the north. This resort offers you untouched beauty around itself and also mesmerizes you with its amazing services.   Deluxe Suites, comfort and peace, and many acceptable facilities, stay in this resort always becomes a memorable experience for tourists. This resort also provides Temple Visits, Open Air Dining, Sit Out Places and many more facilities.

  • Ananda Spa

This resort explains all about itself by its name Ananda spa. Ananda Spa is one of the beautiful resorts in Rishikesh that helps you to rediscover and regain yourself, this provides spa therapied, yoga massages, ayurvedic massages at a reasonable price. This resoAll about the best resort and there specialty in Rishikeshrt divides there rooms according to views like garden view, valley view, river view, etc. This resorts also  Healing Experiences, Vedanta Classes & Ayurvedic Therapies for there tourists.

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