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How to Get in Home Surround Sound Television Just Like in the Stores

by Soft2share.com

The in store television and surround sound displays are always so impressive and they sound amazing. All too often, you purchase the same devices that they recommend in the store, but it never seems to sound the same at home. We will explain to your how to get that great sounding surround sound on your own without having to pay the professionals to come and install it for you. This can be done with a bit of research and patience.


The first step is probably something that practically no one wants to hear and that is to read the instructions. Make sure to take the time to read them thoroughly. Keep all of the pieces and parts together and make sure not to lose anything. One bit of advice on installing your television and surround sound system is to ask to take a closer look at how things are set up in the store. Take pictures of the set up including close ups of the wires and connections. Ask for any tips or advice from the experts at the store; this way you are equipped with as much knowledge as possible before you even begin your own set up. Make sure to purchase the correct high end cable connectors and get the HDMI cables that are high quality. They might be quite expensive, but after spending so much on a high end system and a high definition television set, so this is not the time to start cutting corners on cost.

Once you have done all this preparation work, you are ready to begin your installation. Take your time and follow the directions step by step. The first thing installed should be your wall mount or the tv brackets. Be sure that you have them anchored well because they will be holding your new television in place and need to be able to withstand the weight of that. Depending on the size and weight of your television, this will likely be the area that you might need some help from a friend to make sure that you can lift the television up and secure it on the wall mount before letting go. Once that is successfully and securely mounted, the next step is connected the cable wires and speaker cables. One of the most important features of surround sound is getting all of the different surround sound speakers in the exact right places in relation to your room. This usually means using speaker stands  rather than putting speakers on the floor or on top of your entertainment unit. Getting the right side and left side speakers placed properly and the woofer speaker (the bass) front and center will help you achieve that movie magic type of sound that puts you and your family right in the center of the action.

After you have followed all of these steps, your surround sound should be in tune and playing in stereo. If it does not sound correct, retrace your steps to trouble shoot where the problem might be. Make sure that the tuner is set to the correct setting and that surround sound stereo is enabled on the tuner, DVD player, and the television as well. When testing make sure that the movie or show you are listening to is being broadcast in surround sound too. Once you have followed all these steps, your surround sound will be filling your room and you will be ready for theater style television and movie viewing.

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