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Five Reasons to Get the Latest iPad model

by Soft2share.com

The latest incarnations of the iPad are the best yet. Both the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini were launched late last year amid much fanfare. With improvements across many aspects of the system, these new versions are already proving incredibly popular. Let’s see how and where they have improved upon the older versions.


  1. Improvements for gamers

The latest iPad has an incredibly high screen resolution, making graphics and videos look simply amazing. The quad core processor and quad core graphics means it can play games to their absolute peak of capacity. It utilises something called a Retina Display to have such clarity even with a near 10 inch screen. The screen has the usual fingerprint-resistant coating as well.

  1. Upgrades across the board

Essentially the latest version has upgraded everything that it was possible to upgrade since the previous release. The Bluetoothis using a newer version, the Wi-Fi capabilities are stronger, included being able to become a Hot-Spot for other people to get online with and the tablet is crammed with little improvements that you’ll notice each time you use it.

  1. Out with the old

These new releases see the end of Apple releasing the previous versions, or any future add-ons or accessories for them. If you want to keep up with all the latest applications, games and advances you really need to get one of the two new versions on offer. You don’t want to get left behind. The applications market for the two new versions is the biggest one out there, so don’t miss out on the latest innovations. Try a friend’s new device and see what you think, but I’ll bet that you’ll be wanting to sell an old iPad model and get the new one too.

  1. Make a movie

While the previous versions only had 720p video capabilities, the newer type has upgraded to 1080p HD video. This step is a big one, as you can do so much more with a camera that good. The advancements include a camera stabilisation tool and face detection. Start making your next low budget surprise hit movie right now. The battery time is strong and if you go for the larger memory size (you can get up to 64GB) then you can record hours of footage.

  1. If size is a problem, get a Mini

The iPad 4, or Retina Display iPad, is fantastic, but its smaller brother, the iPad Mini is really not far behind. You lose a little in screen size obviously and memory, but it’s still super-fast and runs with superior tech to the older versions. If you want all the capabilities but are not quite as bothered about having a large screen, the Mini is a great choice for an upgrade.

Gavin Spears has been reviewing and recommending PCs, Macs and phones for nearly 20 years, both online and in magazines. If you ever decide to sell an old iPad model, be sure to check back here for news and features on the latest models.

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