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Best Top solutions on How to Backup AOL Email on Mac System

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In this article, we will be discussing the top popular solutions on how to backup AOL email on Mac system. Here, we have discussed the best-tested methods for downloading AOL mail on Mac. So if you want the same, be with the article to its end and find the method that suits you the most and best. So let’s get started.

You know, AOL is an emerged email client that is widely used by the users of America and the regions nearby. AOL has created a sensation of it before other users with its services. Once it was purchased by Verizon corporation, AOL started handling the web service of Verizon clients as well. As AOL emerged its services to another web service, some issues grabbed the AOL webmail service. You might have heard of AOL mail down. This issue raised with the static increase in the user and the server management not that apt to hold all these at a time.

So due to this, sometimes the AOL went down and users felt difficulty in using their mail client and sharing their content. For this state of the users, they preferred to have a backup of their emails so that the AOL emails are kept safe at such difficult situations. So we are here with the best solutions of 2019 that will help you down for AOL Mail download, specifically for Mac users. In the coming sections, you will learn how to backup AOL email on Mac machine with best efficient techniques that have assured successful results.

Best Methods to Download AOL Email for Mac Users

The top best techniques of archiving the Mac AOL Mail on the local hard drive are

  1. SysTools Mac AOL Backup
  2. Add AOL Mail to Mac mail

Each of the technique will be described with a step by step process to perform the procedure. Let’s directly move to the solutions.

How to Backup AOL Email on Mac with Mac AOL Backup Tool?

SysTools Mac AOL Backup Tool is a utility that is in the top list for downloading AOL mail in Mac system. It is very easy to archive AOL email on Mac hard drive. With the amazing interactive interface, it becomes more comfortable for users to backup AOL mail on Mac. We will talk about the utility in the coming section, but now moving towards the procedure to execute Mac AOL Mail download.

download AOL Mail in mac

Steps to Archive AOL Mail on Mac Hard Drive

  1. Install and Run SysTools Mac AOL Backup on Mac
  2. Login with AOL credentials
  3. Select file format (PST/EML/MBOX/MSG)
  4. Browse location on Mac to save AOL emails
  5. Apply filters for selective emails backup
  6. Hit Start to begin AOL Mail Mac download

This will export all your AOL emails (selected) to the desired location on Mac system. Now let us discuss some of the features that this method provides to the Mac users.

Features of Mac AOL Mail Backup

The main features of AOL backup are discussed below

  • Emails and Email Folder Filtering: The utility offers functionality to perform selective email download. This feature offers the Mac users to select the respective email folders that are to be backed up. Also, with the emails filtering option, an extended feature, helps the user to filter emails with a date range set to filter out emails from the selected email folders. The User is offered a To and From Calendar field to set a date range to filter emails out for backup.
  • Delete AOL Emails from Server after Downloading to Mac: With this functionality provided, the user is offered to free up the storage space in the AOL mail account. This option selected will download the emails to Mac system, and then delete the emails from the account. This option is helpful for users who wish to save their important data without losing it.
  • Incremental Backup: SysTools Mac AOL Backup utility helps the user to perform incremental backup for their emails backup. This option is hidden and appears to the user when they are downloading their emails from the AOL account to Mac for the second time onwards.

Now we shall know the next method to safe AOL mail on the system for Mac users.

How to Backup AOL Email on Mac Using Apple Mail?

In this process, we have mentioned Apple mail. It is not necessary that you have the Apple mail. You can also use the Mozilla thunderbird for Mac if it is used. Starting here with Apple mail, the process to download AOL Mail for Mac users.

Steps to Archive AOL Emails on Mac System

  1. Access Apple mail >> Main Menu >> Preferences
  2. Shift to Accounts tab >> click ‘+’ option
  3. Provide name and AOL account credential
  4. Enter Acc. type, AOL credential, server details
  5. Provide Outgoing server details: smtp.aol.com
  6. Click Create option to add AOL mail to Apple mail
  7. Choose the AOL mailbox >> select Mailbox option >> Export mailbox option
  8. Browse the destination to save the file

With is, the AOL email will be downloaded to your Mac system. This is a lengthy process and you would require to perform the steps a bit carefully. It will seem a technical process a bit, but who has worked with the Apple mail can work through this procedure easily.


AOL mail has a very large user list for mailing. With the issues raised on the AOL mail and difficulty faced by users, they are moving to download and save their emails. In this article, we have gathered the best techniques of 2019 on how to backup AOL email on Mac for the Mac users. You can use the methods above and get your emails saved before they are gone into a disaster situation.

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