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Data Center Colocation basics Your Business Must Know

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Data center colocation can be described as a highly economical alternative to having your own computer room. Professionally established datacenter colocation services are built for redundancy with regard to network, power and cooling. This will mean that when you host your data with a reliable and good datacenter colocation service, you will have access to a completely climate controlled environment. If you are thinking of scaling up your infrastructure or create a hybrid offsite location for disaster recovery, data center colocation is the best option for you. Colocation enables you protect your computing infrastructure. With this arrangement, you will very well know the location of your equipment. You can think of enjoying a physical access to your equipment anytime. In addition, you will have onsite professional IT staff who can assist you anytime you want.

How do Data center Colocation and Cloud Computing compare with each other?
Practically speaking, cloud computing and datacenter colocation are almost similar to each other. Both these terms refer to the arrangement to run your applications on the servers that are installed in physical buildings. Datacenters offering colocations services are created with a focus on providing the clients data security, data redundancy, uninterrupted power and cooling capacity. Today we also see the cloud computing platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform growing in popularity. Such environments help us gain access to disk storage, virtual computer resources, and application software located in the cloud. This will rule out the need to invest in physical computers.

Benefits of cloud computing
The main benefit of cloud environment is you do not need to invest in physical computers or manage them yourself. When you need to scale up your computer resources with the business growth, you can do so easily with the help of cloud computing arrangement. However, you will have to spend a considerable amount towards achieving these ends. The cloud computing arrangement will mean you will provision the virtual resources on somebody else’s equipment.

Datacenter advantages over cloud computing
Datacenter colocation lets you place your own equipment in someone else’s colocation facility. For those organizations that will not need to scale up their infrastructure or storage capacity, colocation will enable a considerable amount of cost savings. For a large number of organizations, the cost of purchasing the required hardware and getting it collocated in a datacenter will cost much lower than utilizing the resources of a cloud environment.

Accessing the equipment when it is collocated
The datacenters that host your equipment provide a fully escorted access to your equipment round the clock. When you visit the datacenter, a representative will meet you and check your security credentials. Your visit will be documented and you can enjoy access to your equipment. If any vendors need access to your equipment in your absence, you must authorize such requirements.

Is it possible to use third party networks?
Professionally managed datacenters offer private internet and also point-to-point circuits for private use. Usually a number of carriers will be found present in datacenters to facilitate any requests for new connections. When you have created a point-to-point circuit, you can establish high-speed links connecting the datacenter and your office.

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