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Reasons Why Your Business Must Consider Moving To Data Center Colocation

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At a time when majority of businesses have discovered the importance of Data Center Colocation Montreal services, many businesses are still continuing to host their data in-house. Here are some strong reasons why your business must think of moving your critical data to a local data center and make use of the colocation services.

Colocation centers are specifically built to some established standards that will effectively meet the growing needs of high-tech hardware today. Some aspects like conditioned power, cooling facilities, security systems and generators can cost you a fortune. Data centers have experts monitoring the facilities round the clock on all days. Hence moving your data to a data colocation services can cost you very less at the same time giving you incredible benefits.

Risk mitigation
Data colocation services protect your data in a safe way. This is a better and safer solution than hosting your data in-house. For a number of businesses data centers are the primary location and also disaster location. Data centers undertake to protect and recover the data they are hosting for their clients in the event of any untoward problem.

Achieving a 100 mbps bandwidth can be an impossible dream in an office location. When you choose to add a redundant line from a network separately for this purpose, you will incur a huge cost. Data centers today have large bandwidth pipes as they are connected to a number of providers. This arrangement can therefore benefit you at a fraction of the cost.

Data centers are highly secure in nature. They have a lot of security arrangements to safeguard the data they undertake to host. Many datacenters today have biometric or keycard access to regulate the entry into some locations of their facilities. They are also guarded by 24X7 surveillance through security cameras in addition to the onsite staff who are protecting their equipment. Hence considering the security needs of your data, a data center colocation can be a better option than in house data hosting.

Certifications and compliance
A number of businesses that wish to host their data in-house might not be able to meet all kinds of compliances. Data centers have a good number of certifications which can save your business thousands of dollars in the long run. When you host your data at a colocation center you can get certified easily by letting the auditors review the certifications of the data center that hosts your data.

When you collocate your hosting environment, you can get round the clock support from expert professionals who can troubleshoot any arising problems. This will let you have a great peace of mind. Actually speaking utilizing data center colocation services will mean your technical staff team gets larger.

Building a data center can be highly expensive. When you choose to maintain your in-house data center, think how big you can make it. If your hosting needs grow with your business growth and you find the space is not enough, you will have to scale it up, which will incur a phenomenal expenditure. Whereas, a datacenter colocation can help you increase your power, space and bandwidth within a few hours.

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