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Cultures Connection is a translation agency based in Argentina, France, and the US. It offers professional services in translation, interpreting, and SEO. If clients want to translate from one language to another, this agency is capable of doing the work. Also, if people want to optimize their website and make it appear on search engines, SEO is a great tool to use. 

Cultures Connection has recorded successful projects with clients. These projects include content from several websites and e-marketing platforms. Some clients include the UN, the French Public Health Insurance (CPAM), and FAO. 

Understanding a Translation Quote

The services begin when you get a translation quote to know the range of prices. The quote contains a list of different services and how much they cost. It’s free, and potential customers can get a quote for complex projects within 24 hours. For simple projects, you can get the quote within 2 or more hours. There are many quotes that are prepared daily, and the company understands that customers need accurate numbers.

Factors that determine a translation quote 

Creating a translation quote entails putting many things into consideration, and these factors will determine how much the service will cost. In business, prices are not just thought about; rather, they are evaluated based on certain factors. Here are the factors that determine a translation quote: 

  1. Revision: If you want revision services like editing and proofreading, the price will vary. These revisions will require going through the document from beginning to end all over again. 
  2. Document Format: If the format of the document is complex, the price could be on the high side. A simpler document format may not cost as much. If the document that needs to be translated is in image or video form, it would require a lot of work. A text would not require as much work. 
  3. Delivery time: If the delivery time differs, the price is determined. An urgent work that needs to be delivered within 24 hours will cost higher than work that needs to be delivered within 5 days. Translation work that needs attention will require translators to work extra time, especially nights and weekends. This causes them to pause on a current project that needs to be delivered later. 
  4. Duplications: If a previous client has brought more work to the agency, this leads to discount offers. The reason for giving a previous client some discounts is to maintain work relationships and also provide loyalty rewards for trusted customers.
  1. Quality of technical content: If the document to be translated is a technical document, the price would be higher. This requires a lot of work and expertise. There are certain translators who are designated for such content because it is their speciality. Also, if the degree of technicality is low, the price may not be so high. However, if the degree of technicality is high, it would cost more. 
  2. Document Volume: To determine the price, the number of words and pages are to be put into consideration. A text of 10,000 words would have a higher price than a text of 5,000 words. This is an important consideration because different numbers of words require different durations of completion. 
  3. The language: If the language is a complex one, it’ll require a lot of revisions. The price would be higher in this case. It could be that the language is quite strange. For instance, translating into Germanic languages is higher than translating to Latin languages.
  4. Extra: Sometimes, a translation could require adding graphs, tables, or images. If the work would require this, these charges would be included. Also, the number of graphs or images would be put into consideration.  

SEO Services 

Apart from translation, digital marketing services are some of the services that Cultures Connection offers. These include SEO translations, meta tags optimization, and hyperlink optimization. 

  1. SEO translations: These are part of the optimization services. Experts in SEO are able to identify major keywords that attract your target audience. Priority keywords are also put in place when SEO translation services are at work. 
  2. Hyperlink optimization: This includes adding backlinks that are in correlation with the subject matter of the website. This helps to boost traffic on a site. Also, there are web pages from the same site that need to be liked with a current web page. This also increases the chance of people staying on a website. SEO experts ensure that this is done with all expertise. 
  3. Meta tags: A meta tag includes a meta description that appears on search engines and Headings. These tags help the site to be reached by the target market. Only experts are able to construct a proper meta description and use appropriate headings. The headings include H1, H2, H3, and others. 

Cultures Connection Agency is a professional agency that is familiar with the current marketing strategies in the digital world. Translations are well thought out, and digital marketing services are properly developed. 

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