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Movavi Screen Capture Studio – A Technical Review

by Soft2share.com

Plus point: It has an extensive range of video editing features.

Detailed verdict:

There are various reasons for people these days to record a screencast. Some people just want to record videos for fun; others may want to record tutorials for a friend or for uploading it on YouTube. If you have already tried other video recording and editing software, you must have noticed that most of them are very confusing with their features.


You have to be aware of the niche terminology of the software to use them. But, it is not the case with Movavi. It is a very user friendly program built according to the ease of a layman.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the video editing program with latest inbuilt features of video editing. If you are an amateur at video recording or editing or a professional artist, you will not feel any dearth of features. The learning curve of the program is gentle which allows even the beginners to record a video in the easiest manner possible.

Capture the entire screen or a part of it

Movavi allows you to capture either the entire screen of your desktop or a part of it, whichever you want. If you do not want the viewers to view the clutter on the rest of your screen, you can alter your settings.

Select an audio source

You can select any source of audio for your video recording. For example, if you are recording a tutorial, you would like to record via your microphone. If you are recording a funny video, you might like to add a song in the background. You can choose any track from your library and join it with your video.

Show the action of mouse and keyboard

If you want to show the action of your keyboard or mouse while recording a tutorial, you can alter your video recording settings and do it. This feature helps a lot when you want to communicate something to a person sitting miles away from you. Imagine teaching the same thing over the phone. Video cuts down the hassle.

Timer feature

Movavi also comes with a feature of a timer, which will stop recording at the specified amount of time. This feature helps to eliminate the efforts of editing later to cut short the last few seconds of the video which are of no use to the viewer.

Tools for editing the video

Some of the tools for editing a video are cutting a part of video, combining several parts of the video, incorporating stylish transitions, enhancing the look of video, adding special effects, and much more.

Intuitive design

If hundreds of features were given in Movavi but you were not able to use them, this program would have failed like many other in the market. The intuitive design of Movavi makes it stand class apart from other complicated programs for video editing. All the options you need are easily accessible and easy to use. The features are displayed in a user friendly language.

In brief, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has all the whistles and bells which you would want from a video editing program to capture a video from your screen. If you are able to plan your video well, make a script, and decide upon the transitions and special effects, and choose an audio track, you will end up with an amazing looking video.

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