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Apex Lofts Launch in Digbeth Birmingham

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Property Investment Giants, API Global and 10M have joined forces to launch the Apex Lofts in Digbeth, the heart of Birmingham. These apex lofts are based on a design-focused approach that utilizes a minimalist yet elegant approach to splendid apartment designs under one roof. These apex lofts include 80 attractive apartments made right at the center of Birmingham. This is a great opportunity for the residents here to invest in Buy to let property.

More about Apex Lofts in Digbeth Birmingham:

API Global and 10M, both these companies have an extensive experience in the Birmingham property market. They are aware of the demand of property here and that’s why, they have taken up this initiative to help facilitate the process of acquiring residence here in Birmingham. These apex lofts have been made with a primary focus in improving the residential quality of the people.

First of all, the building is nine levels. The location is stunning, and each floor has been designed to give its residents a great outside view. There is a total of 80 apartments in the entire building. You have one bedroom, two bedroom and even duplex apartments in these apex lofts.

This place has been designed with state-of-the-art design principles featuring implementation that is just outstanding. You have modern roof designs, enough communal space so that the place doesn’t look suffocating and parking facilities as well. Also, the residents are provided with Gyms facilities. This place quite literally has everything that you’d ever need for your apartment. You have a decent community of likeminded people who enjoy the same lifestyle as you in Apex Lofts.

This apex Lofts initiative has the potential to inspire new property investments here in Birmingham. In fact, we’d encourage people who are looking to invest in Birmingham property to put their money in Apex lofts. These buildings are based on the current residential demands. Businesses and property investors can expect a huge return if they consider investing in Apex Lofts. With these apex lofts, you have a great location that is connected to all the major commercial hubs in UK plus you have design implementations that are just incredibly attractive. There is a whole new market to explore which is quite exciting for property investors. Moreover, Apex lofts are designed keeping in mind the highest standards of quality residence so, this place is expected to induce major returns on investment.

Talking about each individual apartment in apex Lofts, you get a home space that is fully equipped with all the basic electricity and plumbing features. You get fully functional Kitchen, Bathroom and the appliances related to these rooms. There are Bi-Fold windows which give you the privacy that you need, proper ventilation and still allow you access to natural light whenever you want to. The place has been designed to maximize the space usage around the apartment. The architecture follows a strategic minimalist approach that makes the best use of space around and still gives a great look.

Apex lofts digbeth birmingham is made with keeping in mind, the highest standards of safety and security. The infrastructure includes the latest security systems that ensure that the privacy as well as the lives of the people living in Apex Loft remain safe and sound.     

The exterior as well as the interior design of the building, both look great. This project is indeed a massive one and carrying that out would be quite amazing. The good news is, API Global and 10M, both feel enthusiastic and confident about making it happen. There have been many infrastructure projects going on here in Digbeth, but Apex Lofts seems the most promising as of now. Both companies have been working on many projects in Digbeth, Birmingham and both are hoping to build a long-term relationship to give back the community of Digbeth.


The Property Market in Birmingham is blooming at an incredible rate. Although Apex Lofts is a great project, still there is no telling whether it would be able to meet the property demands of Birmingham. The bottom line is, although this initiative is highly appreciated, Birmingham needs more such projects to meet the increasing property demands of the people.

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