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PSU Bonds: Features & Advantages

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Investment is an essential aspect in the creation of long-term wealth. But, not all people are willing to take on risk while investing in equity or other instruments. Regarding safe investment options, fixed deposits are widespread. Public Sector Undertaking Bonds (PSU Bonds) are a great investment option for risk-averse investors. PSU Bonds offer many opportunities to build an ideal investment portfolio.


What are PSU Bonds?

Government sector corporations and undertakings issue Public Sector Bonds for performances. The Government of India and the state government(s) have 51% or more stakes in public sector undertakings.

The PSU bonds are loans between investors as citizens and the government corporation acting as the issuer. The issuer pays interest regularly and repays the Principal at the bond’s expiration date. Therefore, before buying any bond, it is advised to research several aspects, like credit rating, investment objectives, interest rate, and frequency.

PSU Bonds are available for purchase through primary issuance or secondary markets. They can be deposited in your Demat account and traded or transferred.


The PSU bonds Principal Features


PSU Bonds are highly liquid and can be traded easily.


They are comparatively safer than High Yield Bonds because they have a good credit score and are less likely to default.


PSU is an excellent investment choice if you’re planning to invest for a long time since they come with a 10-year time frame.

High Credit Rating:

The primary benefit unique to PSU bonds is their excellent credit rating, which offers assurance for investment.

The above characteristics are what make PSU bonds a safe investment choice. More investors are becoming aware of these benefits and have begun investing in these bonds due to their low credit risk and attractive interest rates.


If you have a limited risk-taking capability, consider PSU bonds because the units are part of the banks and businesses owned and managed by the government. It’s a great investment choice for those who are paying higher taxes. The bonds issued by the public sector have become more popular among new investors. The growing recognition could lead to an increase in demand for public sector bonds in the near term.


A sound investment strategy could produce predictable cash flows and contribute to long-term wealth creation. As mentioned earlier, Although they’re not entirely risk-free,

Public Sector Undertaking bonds offer better returns, a higher yield, and lower risk. PSU Bonds are therefore considered a reliable investment option.









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