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7 Things to Look for a Perfect Conference Venue for Business

by Soft2share.com

Organizing a conference, meeting or training event can be challenging enough without the added headache of trying to find the perfect venue. Choosing the right conference venue can make or break your event. After all, the venue will have a big impact on your budget and set the tone for your entire conference.

To make it a bit easier here are thing you should look for choosing the right conference venue that your delegates and bosses will surely like:

Check for a great location

One of the best ways to ensure your gathering goes well is to make sure the location is easy to access and centrally located. Not only does this help attendees arrive on time, but it will also ensure they arrive happy and at ease. Plus, minimal travel time will take some pressure off as well.

Easy accessibility

The location of the event venue is paramount for maximizing event attendance. Before determining the location, ensure that transportation is readily available to the venue so that attendees can easily arrive by air, rail or automobile. If your attendees are comprised of VIP’s or high level executives and the only flights available require more than one leg, you may lose participants.

Consider the parking slots

Confirm that there is ample parking or valet services for attendees who chose to drive to the venue. Secure parking should be readily available for all delegates arriving in their own vehicles. Also check that there is coach parking, if you are providing transport, and that it is close to the venue.

Enough capacity

Make sure the attendees have comfortable seating in all sessions, as well as space to relax during breaks. Do not choose a venue with theatre-style seating when delegates need to take notes or use laptops. Similarly, a conference room that’s too big will make it look like half the attendees failed to show up.

Complete facilities

Book a conference venue that has all of the components that you will need available for the event. This includes audiovisual equipment, stages, and microphones, You also have to be mindful of the set-up capacities, paying specific attention to seating arrangements and sponsor areas, as well as if you’ll have the ability to engage outside vendors and utilize break-out rooms.

Functional equipment

These days high speed Wi-Fi at the venue is a priority as well as good audio-visual equipment. If your event requires more than the standard data projectors, screens and white boards, ensure that the venue is able to hire specialized technical equipment for you.

Food catering

There’s nothing worse than breaking for tea and finding a tray of limp, soggy sandwiches and wilted lettuce in the hallway, or being served a stodgy heavy meal at lunch time. Choose a venue that is known for supplying fresh, healthy food so that delegates return after the break feeling refreshed and ready for work again, not overfed and lethargic. The catering at the venue should also be able to meet the special dietary requirements for your delegates, including vegetarian, Kosher and Halaal meals.

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