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7 things that People hate about Nail Polish Boxes! Wanna know?

by Soft2share.com

A product that enhances the elegance of human personality also needs to be presented in style. This pattern is perfectly followed in the case of nail polish boxes. Their appeal and elegance are enhanced by customizing them in different shapes and sizes. Die-cutting with embossing, foiling, and scoring also adds more charm to their aesthetics. Printing enables them to display the desired information attractively using modern offset printers. These printers support the CMYK color schemes that enable to get the desired colors with more density. Embellishing them with the different add-ons and finishes enhances their appeal in the retail stores. 

Good packaging for the nail paint can enhance the elegance and add value to it. But, bad packaging can impact customer behavior negatively. Therefore, it is essential to consider those factors in nail polish boxes that irritate the buyers. You can avoid building a negative impression against your brand by avoiding these 7 following things. 

Disregarding Sustainability

The environmental impact of the custom printed nail polish boxes and other packaging types is a reality. Various environmental awareness campaigns running across the globe have made people aware of the impacts of non-recyclable materials. Involvement of plastic materials is the biggest challenge as it is neither recyclable nor decomposable. People hate when sustainability is disregarded, and such materials are used for packaging the nail polish. Such harmful material leads to an increased rate of pollution. All the waste goes to the landfills or the oceans and then causes problems to land fertilization and marine life, respectively. So, it is necessary to use biodegradable and recyclable materials. 

Unsafe Opening

Safety and inconvenience are the two opposite things. Most brands choose a complex to open and close design for the custom nail polish boxes wholesale for the safety of the nail paint. They do so to ensure protection during shipping and staking so that products should not come out on vibrating or shaking. But, buyers consider their ease while making a purchase. They avoid choosing a design that requires scissors or a cutter to take the product out. It could even damage their hands, or the sensitive products inside can get harm. Brands should go for an easy unboxing style that should remain protected as well. 

Hard to Read Text

All the brands require to display the essential details about their nail paint. Buyers make their purchase decisions on the basis of these printed details. All these details are displayed over the custom nail polish boxes USA to aid the buyers in a purchase decision. Sometimes a poor design makes it challenging to read the text. It is essential to choose the right fonts and the font size so that buyers could know about the details easily. It should be at least visible from the 30cm for the human eye. They would get frustrated and move to the product of any other brand if they have to face such circumstances.  

Boring Design

People hate the boring design of custom nail polish packaging as they do not want such products at their vanity that have fewer aesthetics. Various factors collectively make the design appealing or less effective, so brands should look for every single detail attentively. The wrong selection of the colors affects their mood negatively. It reduces the appeal of other elements as well. It is also vital to choose the background color and the color of fonts differently. It will enhance the visibility of textual content. Moreover, getting them printed with obsolete technologies also results in the diminished quality of product images. It becomes a challenging phenomenon to get pixel-perfect images. All these factors reduce the interest of buyers.

Unsecure Packaging

Compromising on the quality of materials leads to damage to the products. Buyers can quickly judge the sturdiness or fragility of the custom printed nail polish boxes by holding them. Usually, cosmetic lovers have to apply the nail polish instantly while going to any event. Therefore, they normally keep them along during travel or in office. It causes a risk to products if the packaging is not that secured. They can get a leak or broken without proper care. So, brands need to consider this impact to avoid the ejection from buyers. Use sturdy materials like cardboard with the proper cushioning from all sides. Make sure that you are using the fresh raw material while mixing the recyclable materials for better protection. 

Excessive Printing

A proper consistency in the design is essential to enhance the appeal of custom nail polish boxes wholesale and to attract buyers. This factor can also raise the standing of products over the retail shelves. But, a factor that people hate is excessive printing. This printing inconsistency makes the buyers frustrated and confused. Printing too many details about the nail polish will make buyers confused, and they would be unable to find their needed product. Also, avoid the excess of supportive images as it will make the design boring. Therefore, only display the most vital details and summarize the additional details in the form of a QR code. 

Improper Box Size

An aspect that can reduce the value of your nail polish is the improper size of custom nail polish packaging. Buyers note all the factors about a product. The size of the packaging is the basic factor that gets noticed in the first look. An improper size creates many problems for the people as they are unable to carry them along. Moreover, it costs them higher in terms of shipping when they order it from online market places. Improper size also results in the free movement of products that could result in damage. Getting them manufactured according to the dimensions of products will minimize the impact of these issues. 

These were some factors that people hate about the custom boxes while making a purchase. Brands should consider these factors while getting their packaging. It will raise the appeal of products and will increase their standing. It results in increases in customer base and sales volumes that can benefit your business.

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