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Yoga Mat Accessories – What Are The Main Features That You Should Look For?

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Yoga mats are specifically designed mats designed to avoid both feet and hands slipping during yoga practice as exercise. An original, first-generation high-tech, sticky, mid-sole laminated rubber floor covering, invented by the late yoga master, Angela Farmer in 1982, soon became known as a sticky mat. Other variations included mats with PVC foam core or layers of neoprene foam interspersed with cotton duck or wool coverings. The original design remained the most popular for the majority of yoga studios outside the East.

Improved the thickness of the Vinyl

In recent years yoga mat Dubai makers have improved the thickness of the vinyl covering. Many are now thicker than the original vinyl offerings. Some mats today contain a foam center that is slightly larger than the thick cushioning layer below it. This center is generally sculptured to help the user achieve a comfortable grip without slipping or sticking. This foam center can also be torn away to create a larger towel for drying off in the case of sweat or accidental fall.

When practicing yoga, most practitioners will experience a momentary loss of traction on their mat at times. This is due to an accidental or sudden stop or roll while focusing on a pose. What many people do not realize is that in order to avoid the loss of traction on their mat, they must attempt to correct their positions prior to the loss of balance. To do this you must first slow your breath and then assume a standing position while inhaling. Your weight should be evenly distributed over your body, allowing gravity to take its course. You must then move in a smooth fashion as if you are dancing.

Keep Moisture Away

When working on your yoga mat, you will probably notice that some brands of yoga mats are manufactured with moisture barriers. These barriers will often serve to keep moisture away from the cushioning layers. However, not all manufacturers of these cushions use these barriers. Some have opted to include them as standard features, in addition to various other features. As a result, it is important to check the specifications label carefully when purchasing a new cushion to ensure that it will provide adequate cushioning and protection against moisture without having any defects.

The texture of a yoga mat

Some individuals focus their attention on the texture of a yoga mat when selecting a new item. The texture will affect the proper grip required to hold onto the surface. It is common for individuals with the firm or thick hands to find that their grip will become increasingly difficult until they find the proper balance of thickness and firmness. If the mat has a coarse texture, the individual will likely find difficulty holding onto the surface at all. The opposite would apply if the mat has a soft, plush texture, as this would provide an even more balanced grip and increase the chances of gaining proper alignment.

Padding between the top layer and the skin

A natural rubber mat has the advantage of providing a little bit of padding between the top layer and the skin. This provides a layer of comfort and allows the individual to sit deeper within the pose. This additional layer of padding provides an additional barrier of protection from moisture and helps to reduce the chance of slipping or sliding around inside the pose. An additional benefit of a natural rubber mat is that it tends to be very durable and can offer reliable support for any yoga mat. A good quality rubber mat is a bit more expensive than a synthetic one but they are longer lasting and may provide better support for the practicing individual.

One of the most requested features of a yoga mat is a layer of foam between the top layer and the skin. A foam cushion can actually add additional support to the body, as it helps to redistribute body weight in each pose. Some mats also feature a layer of memory foam which provides a similar type of support but works even better when combined with the foam to provide additional padding. Memory foam works best when used with a pad or cushioning that is thicker. Many studios prefer to use a combination of these two because of the increased comfort levels that can be experienced by the practicing individual.

Extra grip areas

Another great feature to look for when shopping for yoga mat accessories is extra grip areas. There are several manufacturers that include extra grips on their yoga mats for extra gripping ability. This extra grip area gives you the opportunity to put your hands directly underneath the mat, which will help with your circulation and provide a greater level of comfort while practicing. Most people prefer a thicker mat with added grip because it allows them to maintain a good blood flow throughout the body. The extra grip also helps to keep your weight off of your feet, which will prevent your legs from becoming sweaty while you are working out. Shopping from PVC Vinyl Flooring is a great way to find the exact type of mat that will meet your needs while also providing you with the additional features that you are interested in.

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