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Wings Touch – proving perfect sound quality with great battery backup

by Soft2share.com

Wireless technology has made human life effortless. Wireless internet connections have helped human beings by making internet facilities available at one’s fingertips. Wireless earphones and Bluetooth headphones are the latest inventions that have completely revolutionized human lives. One can listen to their favorite tracks and take calls using such wireless earbuds and earphones without going through the hackle of connecting them through an auxiliary port. There are various online earphones review videos that one can watch to get better information and details about such devices. Various first impression and unboxing videos can be found which help individuals get first-hand details about such wireless devices.

Wings Lifestyle is a leading company to provide such products and devices based on TWS i.e., truly wireless stereo technology. The company sells the best wireless earbuds, earphones, headphones, and speakers of premium build and quality. First look at such devices reveal the time and effort which the designers and engineers have put for making them worth buying. Wings touch is one type of wireless earbud that the company manufactures and sells at a reasonable price. There are various features of the wings touch earbuds which are as follows:

Soft-touch sensor controls:

Wings Touch is equipped with soft-touch sensor controls that allow an individual to control various aspects related to earphones without even accessing a smartphone device. One can control volume, make, accept and reject calls and even change tracks using soft-touch sensor controls on the earbuds. Tracks can be changed and calls can be accepted with a single touch.

IPX5 level of water and sweat resistance:

Wings touch earbuds are water and sweat resistant which makes them all the more appealing to customers than engaged in rigorous physical activity like jogging or gym workout sessions.

• Great battery backup:

Wings touch come with a great and powerful battery which allows 30 hours of playback time upon a single charge. The earbuds are equipped with a battery of 500 mah making them one of the best true wireless earbuds in the market. 

LED battery level indicator:

Wings touch case is equipped with a single LED battery level indicator which provides timely notification regarding the battery level percentage. The indicator also provides notification regarding connectivity for charging.

• One year limited warranty:

Wings touch and other wireless earbuds come with a one-year limited warranty which makes them one of the most appealing gadgets in the world. The warranty protects individuals from accidental damage and charges connected which the same.

Moreover, the charging case is equipped with a micro USB port which allows fast and efficient charging of the earbuds. Wings touch is designed in such a way that it provides a comfortable fit. They have a sleek design and provides premium feel which makes them appealing. One can buy the earbuds available at a reasonable price of ₹3299. 

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