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Why WW2 German Field Gear are Hidden Treasures for History Lovers

by Soft2share.com

Many collectors of historical military equipment agree that German military items from the Second World War – though taboo to some – had a significant impact on the world and make for impressive additions to a personal collection. When it comes to hunting for truly wonderful new pieces, WW2 German Field Gear is a great place to start.

As you are very likely aware, the Germans were not the good guys of World War I or World War II. Their heinous actions in both, especially during the Second World War, caused damage across much of the world that can still be seen and felt to this day; more than 70 years after the fighting came to an end. While there is nothing about their actions or philosophies that should be honored or celebrated by anyone, trying to pretend as though they never existed is not a productive solution. In a way, that is what is so special about having a historical collection of your very own; it gives you an opportunity to help ensure people never forget both the good and bad that has happened throughout history. It does not mean a person wants to celebrate a certain culture or era; they are just embracing the chance to do their part in preserving a piece of history, whether it is cultural, military, or political.

The exciting thing about searching through WW2 German field gear to find new and interesting memorabilia is that there are so many different options to choose from. The average German soldier – and any other soldier, really – carried a lot more than just food, water, and a rifle during World War II. The typical gear found on a German soldier at this time is in itself a gold mine of cool stuff any true historical collector would love to have. Take, for example, gas masks and the assorted pieces that came with them. These masks and their carrying cans were essential items the Germans depended on for survival in the event of a gas attack. What was once a life-saving piece of equipment can now be hung with care to add something new and exciting to your growing collection.

WW2 German field gear also included shovels, carriers, and tent equipment, all essential items for surviving the war and the elements while stationed outside. Being able to say you own a shovel that is just like the ones used during World War II is cool, but having both the shovel and the correct carrier for it will allow you to own a complete set for your collection, and it shows others that you really care about the accuracy and finer details of your personal collection. Some of the most popular German field gear that collectors search for are the ammunition pouches and straps that accompanied the weapons used at that time. While the actual weapon is always a cool collector’s item, it would not be as useful without ammunition or as easy to carry without proper straps.

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