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Why Rebuy or Replace When You Can Rebuild?

by Soft2share.com

Unless you’re an extraterrestrial, a traveler from the distant future, or a hermit that has just descended the mountain for the first time in fifty years, you own and rely on a numerous selection of electronic devices. Your phones and tablets allow you to stay connected from nearly anywhere on Earth, which is exactly why they’ve become such an integral part of your work and leisure life. What would we do without our phones to save us from awkward dates, from public transit snafus, from the interminable boredom of the waiting room with a muted soap opera and twelve copies of Golf Digest? Where would we be without our trusted cadre of apps and games nestled in our pocket?

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to find out the answer to those harrowing questions. But for the rest of us, our devices are only one drop or knock away from becoming a shattered mess. And when that happens, what is there to do? If you don’t have a warranty (or if your warranty has run its course), you’ll be left with a few unsavory options. You could buy a new phone, which would run you hundred of dollars. You could take it to a third-party repair shop, but you’ll have to suffer through whatever markups they’ve decided to hit you with.

However, there is a third option. Instead of dropping hundreds on a new device, you could buy parts from the iDemiGods and fix your device yourself! The process is easier than you’d imagine. Just go to our website, find the part you need, and order away. Many of our parts even come with an easy-to-use eight-piece toolkit for your convenience. We carry parts for a huge variety of iPhones, iPad, and other handheld devices. Whether you need iPhone SE Parts, a new battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5, or a replacement camera lens for an iPhone 7, we’ve got you covered.

What if the problem you’re suffering is less a problem of a sudden break and more an issue of daily wear and tear? We all know that you can only use your phone for a few thousand hours of tinder swiping before it starts to suffer from the telltale signs of a flagging battery. Do you find yourself carrying a charger with you everywhere? Do you find yourself asking the waitress to be seated next to an outlet? Does 30% battery actually mean something like 3%? Well, you can give your old phone a new lease on life with a simple installation of a new replacement iPhone battery. After all, you wouldn’t throw out a car if its battery died. Why do the same for your phone?

iDemiGods is a premium parts distributor that has been supplying customers like you with factory-new parts for years. Our wide selection of parts and batteries has made us one of the best iPhone parts distributors in the business and will help you keep your devices kicking for longer than you’d ever thought possible. When it comes to iPhone SE parts, iPhone batteries, and other accessories, there’s no better place to go than iDemiGods.

Head on over to our site or contact us with any questions you might have! We look forward to helping you get your device up and running in no time.

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